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missing black and white cat

December 14th, 2008, 06:35 PM

I live in South Etobicoke, in Mimico - Lakeshore and Royal York Road. Last saw her on Dec 2nd, 2008.
Recently my new cat has not come back home. I've had her for a month before she went missing. Her name is Cleo, and she is, a longhair domestic black and white cat. On Dec 2nd, she was let outside and never came back since. She is fairly loud when she cries/meows. If you call her out, she usually responds. I've attached a couple of pics-hopefully someone has seen her.


December 15th, 2008, 07:12 AM
Please leave your cat indoors. You can try putting out tuna or salmon. Talk to neighbours, check under decks, sheds, call Toronto Animal Services. They deal with animal control. Leave a lost report with them, also bring in a picture of yur cat and have them attach it to the lost report. You can also call and leave a picture/lost report with Toronto Humane Society. Someone might have found your cat and brought it too THS.

You can also leave out something that has your smell on your porch/deck. Leave something that has your smell on it as well.

Keep us posted. There is also a Etobicoke Humane Society has well.


December 21st, 2008, 03:01 AM
Oh she is so pretty, I hope u find her soon safe and sound.