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Crochet Hooks

December 11th, 2008, 09:23 AM
i was wondering what sort of hooks folks used??

i currently have steel for my little ones, aluminum for my medium ones and plastic for my large ones. i picked up some -really- nice bulky merino/alpaca/silk stuff that i dont feel comfortable using plastic hooks with... which got me into looking at hard wood, bamboo... what are your thoughts on working with wood for your larger hooks?? i would imagine its not as slippery as the metal ones which is fine by me, i like a little resistance. i do have a strong grip though not enough to bend any of my aluminum hooks.

i was also wondering if anyone had experience in using bone?? i imagine it would be slicker than wood.... warmer on the hands.

i was looking at some hand crafted silver ones. :laughing: i suppose someday if i can make any money off of this, i could support my new found desire for swirled silver crochet hooks.... at $45-$85 USD a piece....