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Well... looks like I can expect another foal come spring

December 1st, 2008, 07:25 AM
Yup, by the looks of things, I think Fay did have a little "experience" with her stallion Cowboy before I bought her.:sad: Whats done is done.
I mean look at this girl... I have clearly been in denial.:laughing:

This one is the dead set give away. I have been "dismissing it" as a hay belly

Trying to work out a time to get the vet out to palpitate her and see if indeed she is preggers and if she is, if there are more than one... I have seen some pics of other mares having their second foal and would be approx 6 months pregnant as well, and well, Fay looks like a horse that is about to foal, not one that has 5 more months. :eek:

December 1st, 2008, 07:30 AM
I would DEFINITELY agree with you that she looks like she might be in foal. She's a pretty girl too!
Hope all goes well, and if there are twins I, I hope she foals ok, horses arent known for being able to raise twins.

:goodvibes::fingerscr For there only being ONE foal, and a happy and healthy Momma! Keep us updated on what the vet says!

December 1st, 2008, 07:33 AM
It would just be my luck that there would be twins...
I can't believe I have been in denial so bad. IT was just this weekend someone asked me if she was pregnant. Then the reality of the possibility hit.

Poor Fay, approx 3 years old working on her second pregnancy. :sad:

December 1st, 2008, 07:39 AM
How did she become pregnant the second time? Dont you have her first foal as well?

December 1st, 2008, 07:44 AM
Yup I purchased them when Venna ( her filly) was a month and a half old, and when I decided on them the guy I bought them from told me " Oh by the way... she had gotten out and was running with Cowboy a few weeks ago but she might have missed the foal heat"

The possibility was always there, but I just wanted them out of there so I just always hoped that she wasn't bred.
Odds were always against it though.
If she is, well atleast its 3 less horses being bred for nothing.

December 1st, 2008, 07:47 AM
Here's some comparison pics from when I first got her to now. LOL, man I have been in denial.
All signs point to a mare with a growing foal.

First day here

A week here (roughly)

Late August, early September ( Around the time Rottielover was here I believe)

December 1st, 2008, 07:47 AM
I know zilch about horses,but her tummy looks preggers.
I hope having another foal is not too hard on her and you,maybe you got a little more than you bargained for.
:fingerscrshe will be ok:fingerscr

December 1st, 2008, 07:48 AM
A good week into the weaning process... ( Late October early November)

And the first pic in the OP, is this weekend.

December 1st, 2008, 07:56 AM
I was so looking forward to getting her started undersaddle too once the whole wean was done.
Who wouldn't just die to ride this horse? (K, perhaps I am a bit biased lol)

December 1st, 2008, 08:20 AM
Stallions can BRING a mare in to heat. Even if its not time for her heat, the presence of a stud can bring her into it. At stud farms they actually have horses that are specifically FOR this purpose, to tease the mares.

She DOES look like maybe she's in foal, but when was the last time she was de-wormed? (trying to give you all other possibilities! Lol)

December 1st, 2008, 08:21 AM
She was dewormed at first frost and again 8 weeks later ( bringing us to 3 weeks ago) due to worms.
And it was Ivermectin that was used.
She's clear of worms, most definately.

December 1st, 2008, 08:23 AM
Well. Then yes. Id say....

"CONGRATS on being a Grandma again!"

December 1st, 2008, 08:30 AM
Yeah, she certainly looks like there's a little one in there. Good luck to her. I hope she has no delivery problems.

December 1st, 2008, 09:52 AM
OMG she is stunning! preggers or not! I dont know the first thing about horses except that I find them amazing~ and so majestic..I love her color! But judging from the looks of her tummy somethings going on in there!

Good Luck Grandma!

:thumbs up

December 1st, 2008, 09:55 AM
I hope the new maybe baby to be (thats a mouthful when trying to say it outloud ( Yes I'm in my office talking to myself)) has the blue eyes like momma! and some paint spots! I LOVE me some spots! :lovestruck:

December 1st, 2008, 10:07 AM
I hope for a crooked blaze, I just love the messy blaze

Dog Dancer
December 1st, 2008, 10:53 AM
Oh my, you do have your hands full. She looks pregnant to me! Good luck to you all. Keep us posted on what the vet says.

December 1st, 2008, 11:06 AM
Congrats :thumbs up . This means for foal pics for us :D. Her belly is significant bigger than it was last summer.

December 1st, 2008, 11:13 AM
She looks pregnant to me but I don't know horses!! She is a Stunning Mare!!!!:lovestruck: Good luck with a healthy foal and Mom

December 1st, 2008, 11:16 AM
I LOVE the real splashy paints! What does the "proud of himself" daddy look like?? Same Stallion to your other foal?
I love babies!!! Well, I love pics of other peoples babies... :p No room to have ANY MORE for right now! I want to start fostering as soon as we get our new house!
Cant wait to see what the vet says! Momma and babies are lucky to have you!

December 1st, 2008, 03:08 PM
I don't know beans about horses. Maybe she just loves your cooking? :p

Good luck with the vet visit, erykah! I hope she's got one or less. :D What will you do with the foal(s)? Keep them, or place them?

December 1st, 2008, 03:12 PM
OH man... they would be placed.
Venna is looking for a spectacular home as it is right now, and if there was another foal coming, it too would start its search right away.
Foals are FAR too much work for me as a newbie to horses.
But if they all ended up here for 2+ years until I found a home that I felt good and comfortable with, then so be it, I will have 4 or so horses then.
But atleast I know FOR SURE, that there will be no more suprise births going on here! If "potential foal" ends up a colt... he will be GELDED faster than you can imagine ( well in a timely manner anyways, when he's old enough)

December 1st, 2008, 03:47 PM
Ooooohhhhh can you UPS a foal!?! Mare of Gelding I could use another one!! Expression needs a brother or sister to pick on.

December 2nd, 2008, 12:07 AM
Good luck, Erykah. :fingerscr :goodvibes:

Was Cowboy Venna's daddy too?