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dog park rules

November 17th, 2008, 09:23 PM
So, i was surfing around the net looking for info on on leash dog aggression, i spend alot of time doing this trying to leanr as much i can to help Enzo. Anyways, i stumbled upon the rules for a certain dog park and i thought they were great rukes, so i thought i would share them here. I am thinking of printing these off and posting them around the park here..

There is a 3 dog per handler limit. Shore dogs' management believes that no person can effectively control and supervise more than three dogs. For that reason, we strictly enforce a three-dog limit in the park.

Under NO circumstances may you bring a sick dog into the park - one that has been diagnosed with a contagious disease, or that shows signs of illness (e.g., severe runny nose/eyes, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.).

Female dogs in heat or pre-heat, are NOT allowed in the park! Females in heat can inadvertently cause dogfights.

Dogs that show pronounced aggression are NOT allowed in the park! Dominant aggressive dogs should NOT play in parks with other dogs. Keeping them on a leash increases the aggression - and letting them off leash eliminates your control.

Dogs that show fear aggression (attacking other dogs because they mistakenly believe the other dog will attack them) should not be forced to play in parks with unfamiliar dogs. It will increase the fear and aggression.
Some dogs are not suited for dog park playing, or need some work before introducing them to a group.
Excessive barking may disturb the park's neighbors and may also incite aggression in other dogs. Quiet your dog if he/she is barking. You can do that by redirecting the dog's attention to something else, like playing with you, or by moving to a different area of the park. If the dog will not be quiet, you must remove him or her from the park.

Do not keep your dog on a leash inside the park. The dog park is an "off leash" area. If you need to keep your dog on leash, you should, for your dog's own safety and comfort, not bring him or her into the park. Being kept on leash with other dogs that are not on-leash triggers aggression and creates tension and stress between the dogs. It will also put your dog at a tremendous disadvantage if something goes "wrong".

Choke chains, prong collars, and head collars (Halti, Gentle Leader, etc.) should be removed before you let your dog loose in the park. Other dogs can get their teeth caught in the collar when playing and panic when stuck, causing injury to themselves and the dog wearing the collar. A prong or pinch collar may also get caught up on a fence and will be painful if pushed into the dog's neck during play, potentially causing a fight because of a perceived "signal of threat".

Do not bring food of any kind into the park. Food is a HUGE trigger for fights between dogs - especially very tasty food like a chicken sandwich!

Under NO circumstances are you allowed to leave your dog unsupervised in the park! If you leave, take your dog with you!
Do not leave the park gates open, and watch carefully for dogs on the other side when you are entering or leaving, so that they do not escape.

This park is a designated "Dog Park". It is not intended as a children's playground. Dogs in the park can and will often assume "natural canine behavior" (run wildly while at play, etc.), which may not be a safe environment for small children. Shore Dogs Dog Club recommends that you don't bring small children into the park. Unaccompanied children are not allowed in the park -- you bring children at your own risk.

Clean up after your dog. It's very unpleasant - not mention unhealthy - for dogs to play in a field liberally dotted with droppings. The park has pooper-scoopers, plastic bags and covered buckets to deposit the poop. If you notice that a dog has pooped and the owner seems unaware of it, point it out to them