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Susie's Agility Trial

Agility dogs
November 17th, 2008, 05:45 PM
Had a great time at the trial. They are AAC trials so she has to be measured three times. This time she measured a fraction over the 21 inches, I think she may have crouched a little her first measurement, so she would have had to move up to jump 22 inches instead of 16. As this was the last trial of the year and next year I can move her into Veterans where she will just have to jump 16 inches, I opted to show her FEO (for exhibition only). As we are just starting it is great experience and training. She did great, had a clean run in Jumpers, did the first part of Snooker, then I sent her through one of the finishing tunnels the wrong way so that ended that. She didn't think she was through and ran over and did the 12 weave poles as we left the ring. Thought she was so smart, which she is. In Starter's I released her from the table an instant too soon, my fault completely but I got a little over anxious, promise I will do better next time. It was all lots of fun, you meet so many nice people at the trials and all the dogs are so interesting. A lot of the dogs seem to have their own agenda as to what they want to do but they all seem to really enjoy it, the dogs and trainers.