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Dog has a skin condition.

November 16th, 2008, 07:40 PM
Just looking for some info pertaining to a skin rash/condition that my dog has. I have a 10 month old male Newfie. In the last month and a half we have noticed small lumps of dried skin. They look like a dried pimple and when scratched they come off with no discomfort to my dog. The lumps break up into what looks like dandruff. My dog doesn't scratch at them and doesn't seem to even be aware of them. The only spot that seems to be inflamed is an area in his groin. Not sure if it is from him licking/scratching as he seems normal in the amount of licking that most dogs do in their groin area. He is currently being treated for an ear infection with Otomax Ointment twice a day. Our vet also gave us an omega 3 fatty acid to put in his food to see if this helps with the skin condition. I have read some of the forums about skin conditions and every one I read sounds severe compared to what my dog is going through but at the same time I want to get an early jump if a more serious condition exists. Our vet made a comment about allergies but he wanted to try the omega 3 first before trying a stronger treatment. Any suggestions or similar conditions out there?