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Does your dog step in his/her own poop?

November 15th, 2008, 06:34 PM
We have two ShihTzu/Bichon puppies, who are now 9 weeks old. We live in a new house, so we don't have a developed yard; it's basically just a big mud pit. I have created an outdoor bathroom area for the puppies that is about 4' x 4', which is basically just some pieces of plywood with a small metal fence around it. To keep them from stepping in their own pee and tracking it in the house, I added some outdoor rubber mesh to the floor of this bathroom area so that the pee gets carried under the rubber mesh so that they don't step in it once they've peed -- works very well. This does not, however, stop the problem of them pooping and then stepping in it.

It's been snowy and wet here lately, so they poop, walk around in it and then get a wet, poopy, disgusting mess all over their paws. I don't have time to bathe and dry two puppies every time they go outside (who would?) and I'd rather not have to wash my otherwise clean floors every day or two because they've tracked in their mess.

Do puppies grow out of this? We had dogs when I was a kid and I don't ever remember them stepping in their own poop and tracking it through the house. I also know other people who have dogs and they don't seem to have this problem -- or maybe they do and they just don't tell me about it!


November 15th, 2008, 06:54 PM
How long are they out in the area? And how frequently do you clean up the poop? A 4 x 4 area is pretty small...and puppies are pretty active. You'll need to clean up any poop almost immediately to keep them from stepping in it accidentally. It might actually be cleaner for you to let them out on snowy mud--just keep a sprinkling can full of water by the door to clean their feet outdoors before they come in the house. We keep an old towel handy by the back door to dry their paws after washing and it really helps keep the floors clean :thumbs up

November 15th, 2008, 07:06 PM
I would suggest keeping the area as clean as possible and scooping poop up quickly.

And sorry to tell you, they may never grow out of it completely. Sometimes my border collie mix will get distracted while he's pooping and backs up or turns in a circle and steps in it - not a good time! :yuck:

November 16th, 2008, 10:35 AM
They would be cleaner if they had an area in the house to "go" covered in newspapers or training pads. Perhaps you could cover the 4' x 4' area with newspapers just before they go out so you can remove poops immediately.....

Puppies will not worry about where the poop is when they are moving around and/or playing. If they are left to eliminate in an area that small and you do not pick up the poop right away, this will continue to happen all winter. Two puppies are four times as hard to train as one--you do have your work cut out for you! Good luck!