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Making a difference

Cactus Flower
July 23rd, 2004, 11:21 AM
I just read a thread where the topic of "gassing" dogs came up, and there was some debate as to whether it was humane or not.

It just made me think of something that was recently passed in my state (New Mexico). Our governor just created a new board of people who are there strictly to inspect and investigate animal shelters. Shelters will now be severely fined and/or shut down for practicing inhumane euthanasia. They will be fined and/or shut down for having any substandard conditions whatsoever. You must now be licensed to perform euthanasia- not just anyone can do it. The governor has also created a fund to create low cost spay/neuter clinics statewide, so that citizens of all counties will have access to low cost sterilization.
Also, the mayor of Albuquerque has imposed a monthly "Adoption Fair" that all shelters must participate in, in an effort for every shelter to become a no-kill shelter. This mayor would like to see all shelters statewide become no-kill. Every month he helps fund this huge "Adoption Fair" so the public can view all of the animals up for adoption. They are also featuring a different pet available for adoption every night on the nightly news.
Our state capital (Santa Fe) is currently proposing an ordinance that will allow Animal Control officers to enter ANY VEHICLE by ANY MEANS NECESSARY (even breaking a window) to rescue a pet that has been left inside the vehicle in the heat. This ordinance also raises penalties for animal cruelty and for having an unsterilized pet running loose.

When the governor, the mayor, and the folks at the state capital were asked why they are coming up with so many new laws and programs for animals lately, they responded:

"There was a public outcry for it".

The moral of this story- we can make a difference! Talk to your city/state/province officials. And KEEP TALKING. Turn in petitions! Whatever it takes. Create that public outcry!

Lucky Rescue
July 23rd, 2004, 12:30 PM
That is incredible and awesome! Kudos to the intelligent and humane "powers that be" in NM!!!