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Should I go threw with the adoption?

November 6th, 2008, 05:32 PM
I'm getting really annoyed. Okay, well I use teh interwebs to find my kittens homes. Well okay, I found a guy interested in one of the kittens. I kept arranging for him to come meet them and see if he liked the kitten he picked out. Well he kept canceling and not showing up. Finally one day he did make it over to see the kittens. He ended up have 3 kids and was about an hour late. I was like... okay okay well he's nice and the kids are nice.

So I took his application and after speaking with him threw email (he doesn't really answer the phone I don't think) I approved his application on the condition he goes to my vet and has his appointment set up prior to the adoption (so I can call and confirm). He has never had pets before or anything so he couldn't provide a vet reference. The kids realllyyy wanted a kitten and were very excited and everything.

Okay, so now everythings all set and ready to go. But I've been waiting on him for about 3 weeks now. He keeps canceling the pick up date and I don't believe he made the appointment for the vet as I requested. So... I'm about ready to just say forget it and find someone else for the kitten.

Last week it was 'something came up' and now this week it's 'been very busy'. If he's so busy he can't even pick up the :censored: kitten for his children then how can I trust him to take care of the kitten?

So... should I give him a break or just find someone else for the kitten. I mean, this is getting ridiculous. And he doesn't use the phone (which normally doesn't bother me except for the fact if I'm at my grandmoms where the kittens are being kept, there is no internet and I requested he call me to inform me what's going on).

I mean, he was really nice and asked all kinds of questions to prepare himself for getting the kitten, but I'm so sick of him backing out and leaving me hanging. I have things to do, and the older they get the longer it takes for them to get adopted. Should I just wait it out and go with this guy or start looking for someone else? :shrug: If he doesn't comply with making the vet appointment ahead of time I'm going to be really ticked :yell: His emails are also really short and uninformative. They are like, 1 sentence. "can't make it sorry" and that's it.

Oh and my grandmom and aunt are fighting over who gets to keep the last kitten :rolleyes: and they are actually serious! hahahha it's a little black and white tux of course :lovestruck: but they named him Oreo and ugh I don't like generic names LOL

November 6th, 2008, 05:37 PM
I wouldn't go through with the adoption, people like that are self centred, thinking that their time is more important than anybody elses. He will treat the kitties the same way, irresponsibly.

November 6th, 2008, 05:47 PM
Trust your gut instinct. I would say no. He is not ready for a kitten. It would end up on the street within a year IMO. Look for someone more responsible. If he keeps putting it off then he is just trying to placate his kids.

November 6th, 2008, 05:55 PM
Also, this kitten had a problem with his neutering and ended up bleeding out. I contacted him and told him all about it and said yeah he's okay now there was just a little incident with his neutering and the vet says he's fine now we just need to put some cream on his read etc etc and he didn't ask a SINGLE question and barely even acknowledged the entire huge paragraph I had just written regarding the kitty. All he said was 2 sentences asking how to get to the shelter and what time. This was 3 weeks ago :frustrated:

I emailed him back about 4:30 and explained I just got my license and was not comfortable driving at night so please let me know if he was taking the kitty tonight or not.

Still haven't heard back.

November 6th, 2008, 05:57 PM
Maybe he's hoping his kids will forget :laughing:. This delaying would raise a red flag for me (apart from his rudeness; but it seems to be the norm these days). Did you tell him how much the vet would cost? Some people just don't want to spend money on their animals, even if they have it; or it's a struggle to find it at all. Then there's the $5 food :sad:

I'd go with your intuition, Kathryn. Don't call him, don't email, and if someone else you like decides they want the kitten before he keeps his commitment, too bad.

And even then...

November 6th, 2008, 06:07 PM
I really though he seemed nice and everything, but at this point I don't think he is ready for a kitten. The kids were a daughter about my age, a son about 10 and a girl about 3-4.

I guess it could be he's messing with his kids. I really don't have time for this nonsense though. The other 3 kittens were adopted right on schedule on the 20th of last month ! I've been waiting on him forever.

If tomorrow I get an email explaining his complete disregard for my time and effort (maybe his grandma in flordia died or his uncle is in the hospital from a car accident) and stating he has made the vet appt and has got everything covered, I'll probably say okay. As of right now, he's on my :censored: list for blowing me off when I could have found another home for the kitten by now and gone on about my business.


OHHH AND SIDENOTE!!!!! It's fostering related so I'm going to put it here instead of making a new board :P

I'm going to go visit one of my fosters I adopted out on the 30th!! I AM SOOO EXCITED!!! I adopted him out to this lovely couple that lives in Society Hill in Philadelphia. They are very well off and provide him everything his little heart desires. They don't have any children and have taken a liking to me :lovestruck: So I feel special. The guy (I call them Franklins mommy and daddy) emails me all kinds of cute kitty pictures all the time and always lets me know how Franklin is doing and to say hi to my mom for him. So they invited me and my mom to come over and see him! I'm so excited! I said I'm bringing presents and my camera to take pictures of lil Franklin (who is not so lil anymore... nearly 8lb last time the vet weighed him!) So I've very excited about that. :D

November 6th, 2008, 06:11 PM
I agree with what the others your gut.

I know when I got my crew I was on the doorstep early just super excited I was bringing a new furry home. When I got my puppy I didn't sleep for 3 days because I was so excited and worried about getting everything right for when she came to her new home.

I know that is just my own experience, but even with others I have known getting a pet is cause for excitement. If this guy has been putting it off for three weeks I wouldn't do it. Maybe he thought is was a good idea at the time but now can't go through with it and just can't say so. Personally if he can make excuses for not picking up a pet, could he make those same excuses if the animal got sick and needed care and he just didn't have the time??

That's just my honest opinion.

November 6th, 2008, 06:41 PM
This guy seems like a major flake. When I was looking for a cat, I asked my dad's wife if she knew of anyone who might have kittens, she called her neighbor who said her vets office had some. I immediately went that same day. When I decided to adopt Oksana from my vet I called them for 2 weeks, because she was too little to take home, so I bugged them almost daily asking if it was time yet!:laughing:

What I'm trying to say is, this guy is apparently not very serious, or he would have made time several weeks ago to pick the kitten up.

November 6th, 2008, 07:02 PM
I agree with everyone and wouldn't email him or waste any more time on him. If you hear from him again just tell him you found another home for the kitten. He must think the world rotates around him. :rolleyes:

And that is so nice of Franklin's mom & dad to invite you and your mom over. :thumbs up Maybe they would like a little brother for Franklin. :D Looking forward to the pics from your visit. :goodvibes:

November 6th, 2008, 07:12 PM
And that is so nice of Franklin's mom & dad to invite you and your mom over. :thumbs up Maybe they would like a little brother for Franklin. :D Looking forward to the pics from your visit. :goodvibes:

LOL I already tried pawning off the twins on him! I still have 2 of Franklins brothers... the ones I'm always complaining about :rolleyes: It was funny because when they came to pick up Franklin, the twins ended up walking into the cage when they set it down on the floor and had the door open from Franklin to go in :laughing: I was like... well looks like you are going to have to take them all! I still bug 'em here and there to take the twins.

So, I'm done with this guy. Too bad for him. OH and best of all, I JUST found out he has a wife today! He never even mentioned her! Does she even know about the kitten?!?!?


I'll find someone else in the AM.

November 6th, 2008, 07:24 PM

I'll find someone else in the AM.

Great decision, kathryn. :highfive:

Maybe it was the wife that didn't want a kitten and that's why all the delays in getting back to you. :shrug: But if that's the case and he did take it then it would likely be in a shelter before long. So glad you are going to find a more suitable home. Good luck. :fingerscr :goodvibes:

So, is Buddy one of Franklin's brothers? :cloud9:

November 6th, 2008, 07:36 PM
Great decision, kathryn. :highfive:

Maybe it was the wife that didn't want a kitten and that's why all the delays in getting back to you. :shrug: But if that's the case and he did take it then it would likely be in a shelter before long. So glad you are going to find a more suitable home. Good luck. :fingerscr :goodvibes:

So, is Buddy one of Franklin's brothers? :cloud9:

He didn't even mention the kids until he showed up with them that day, and now there's a wife? So... that's done and over with.

That's little Franklin :lovestruck: This is from right before he went to his new home about 2-3 months ago.

Buddy has a brother named Jack. He had another brother who got taken in by someone else and a sister who went to the shelter and found a new home that way. I almost kept her, but I felt she really deserved a quiet home (she was a bit of a spazz) vs either living in my crazy house or living back outside.

November 7th, 2008, 07:15 AM
Kathryn - I agree with everyone here. Pass up on this adoption. I think you already knew so follow your gut. You can sniff people out a mile away. If he has no time to respect your time, then he may have no time to take the cat to the vet when and if needed.

Tell him that you have 'no time' to entertain this any longer.

Remember - everything happens for a reason.

November 7th, 2008, 07:32 AM
K,I am glad you decided not to let this man have a kitten,anyone who wants a kitten for their childrens play-thing,would raise a red flag for me.
He himself could not be very eager for a kitten,since he kept delaying and keeping you waiting.

November 7th, 2008, 09:01 AM
I put the kitties ad back up. I love how I specifically put instructions that I require anyone interested to come over and meet me first and fill out an application and then I will approve or deny them within a few days, and the first response I get is "Saw your posting i am interested if still available can pick up today. please email thanks"


hehe :rolleyes:

I either require any adopters to come meet with me first, or I require a home visit. Not too much to ask for is it :shrug: (other then a vet reference if applicable of course).

November 7th, 2008, 09:04 AM
I would e-mail them and tell them that you are presently 'interviewing' people at the moment. If they really are interested they will reply back to make an appointment with you.

Good Luck - I hope everything works out for you and the kittens.

November 7th, 2008, 09:10 AM
K. The guy seem like a moron. He forgets to mention his family?? Come on buddy. He was not serious at all. When I got my boys I called my breeder everyday for 2 months and was bugging hime for puppy pics all the time!! (Breeder in Manitoba-Me in Ontario). Plus I had a Vet app. ready for when they came. The breeder knew everything about us from day 1. Helps the breeder find the right home for thier puppies/kitties.. Would have been nice if the guy was upfront and honest with you. Glad your finding someone else for Oreo (Love that name lol) Good luck in your search

November 7th, 2008, 09:19 AM
Haha, I love the next response I got:

im interested in the kitten. little fuzzy boyd due you think i could do the app on the computer im from XXXXX and its a drive for me to fill app out and then wait so maybe i can do the app and you can call to meet me if im approved thanks please email back

LOL because the town she's from is maybe 15 minutes from my town :rolleyes:


And thanks everyone. I feel better about denying him now :cool: because he never even emailed me back last night to apologize. I mean, if I had known he was going to cancel on me I would have stayed at work and put in some overtime!! Or I would have just gone to the shelter myself to volunteer. Or any number of things! No, instead I sat on my couch waiting for him to email me or maybe even take 2 seconds to pick up the phone and call me to apologize!


November 7th, 2008, 09:25 AM
Kathryn - this has happened to me where I waited. They did not even bother to show up until the evening so my day was shot. At night they came over with huge smiles saying they were sorry but they went out with some friends and thought I wouldn't mind. I told them the dog was placed and to go somewhere else to find a pet - not here. (the dog was not placed...but someone came up 1 week later and I am still in touch with them -I could not ask for a better family).

November 8th, 2008, 10:34 PM
First time reading this thread.

You did make the right choice. I wouldn't have given that guy as much time as you did.
He's the type of person that would ignore a call from the family the first time there was an emergency with the kitten or then grown up cat. And, never had a pet before? They need to stick with Toys R Us and get stuffed animals. When the children grow up and learn proper animal care, they could decide for themselves. The parents are not exactly great role models in my opinion, especially when it comes to pets. I do not fault the kids by no means, I feel sorry for them, they never had the structure in the house hold that included the care of pets.

Ok, I wonder how much airfare is from Jersey to Florida. Stealing Marko's Ziblet is out of the question...I did consider it,lol. I have been somewhat looking around for my right "fit". I have been without fur companionship since losing Ciara on March 21, of 2006. (Right now, I borrow everyone else's critters)

I know someday someone furbrained will walk back into my life, I do not shop..they just happen. And it's a special day when it does happen.

November 8th, 2008, 10:53 PM
I am so glad u refused his application. I had warning bells going off in my head while I was reading this thread.

If people are that busy they are not right for a pet. IMHO As we all know pets are like kids, they need lots of love and attention.

And if he didn't even tell u about kids or wife what else wasn't he telling u? Maybe he didn't even want the kitten as a pet, who knows what he could of done with it.


November 9th, 2008, 03:17 PM
I still never even heard back :rolleyes: no apologizes... nothin'!

they have coccidia right now so I've got to finish out their treatment and then find Fuzzy a new home. I've got a few people interested but nothing too serious.

November 12th, 2008, 02:26 PM
You made the right decision, Kathryn. Those babies are so lucky to have you!

Good luck with your coccidia treatment. Are they on medication?

November 12th, 2008, 05:09 PM
You made the right decision, Kathryn. Those babies are so lucky to have you!

Good luck with your coccidia treatment. Are they on medication?

They are on Albon and were given some kind of other tummy medicine by the vet to help them out. They are also on Lysine.

Hey good news! MY AUNT IS KEEPING BOTH THE KITTENS LEFT LOL :thumbs up Fuzzy (now named Fletch) and Oreo! ahahahahaha. So I'm glad my aunt is keeping the kitten other then that other dude who was a complete jerk :frustrated:

But, she's switching them off the Wellness and putting them on Purina :yell: but that's a whole 'nother story.

November 13th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Yay! Good homes for the babies!

November 13th, 2008, 11:29 AM
Hey hey hey - great news!! Now you will always have an update on these two. Great job!!!