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Also fuxy has fibrosarcoma (recidive)

November 2nd, 2008, 08:29 AM
Hello, i'm writing from italy..i'm italian so i'm sorry for my english and if i do some mistake on the forum position or other.. I'm member on similar italian forum on pet since 11months because my cat Fuxy female 12year's old is affect by fibrosarcoma since june 2007. A first surgery was done without tac and in november 2007 the fsa decided to came back. The istologic refert after surgery was bad there were cancer cell at the limit of sample so it's normal i know. After a tac in jenuary2008 oncologist said fsa was so attached to cost and impossible to remouve with only 2nd surgery. They propose me chemio or radio (in italy there is not radio just in switerland the nearest place). I ask lot information and many people also vet told me chemio has a bad answer on fsa. So i decided to don't do chemio also because Fuxy has a light remal problem crea 2.1 and bun 51. I studied a lot and i find alternative therapie on fsa using viscum album (iscador) aloe arborescens and other natural product with citotoxique effects(graviola) and other to keep a good immunitary system (labolife 2LC1). After more than 1year the situation is not so bad anyway Fuxy is became slim (3.6kg from 4.8 one year ago) and the fsa became very big so that she don't walk anymore fine. The research in italy is no so advanced like in your country then i read about neoplasene and i would like to know if there is some member or vet doctor that use other drugs or fitotherapeutic with good results and without side effects. She eat and she still show to want live again and i love her so much to don't try all way. Thank you very much Andrea and Fuxy .

I hope now i write in the right session cat health...:sorry::sorry:

November 2nd, 2008, 08:47 AM
Welcome to the board, Andrea. I wish it were at a happier time for you :grouphug:

Fuxy is a cutie! :lovestruck:

As I understand it, your vet can contact this organization for information:

There are also a few threads on the board that talk about neoplasene and what to expect if you decide to use it. Here's a list of some of them that you might want to read through.

If you do a search on 'neoplasene' on the board (look for Search on the darker blue band toward the top of the screen) you'll find a few other threads as well.

Good luck with Fuxy, Andrea. :goodvibes: It sounds like you've been doing a wonderful job with her! :grouphug: