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Maks and his junior wellness exam.

October 24th, 2008, 08:09 AM
I took Maks in for his junior wellness exam on Monday. The vet did her exam and said he was in excellent shape and even told me he's got the cleanest ears she's ever seen :laughing:

I called last night to get the results of his bloodwork but she was attending to other patients, so I just left a message to have her call me. OY! She called me at 5:55 am. Gah. Luckily I was sort of up already. Anyway, she said Maks' bloodwork is perfect. He's a happy healthy little guy.

Kiska is next so I'll take her next month. I'll take that time to ask her when she thinks I should have them done again. Vlad had his in February, and Oksana had hers in March, then Czari in June. She'd told me once before if I wanted to be worry free it would not harm them to do it once a year. I'll ask her about it again.

I do like knowing that this is a very thorough exam and having them do blood work keeps me from worrying about anything serious.

I'm very happy that so far they have all been just fine.

While I was there on Monday a woman had come in with a dog. She'd found him tied up to a post on the side of the freeway!!!:wall:

She said she was driving and saw him and said she couldn't not stop. I asked the vet when she told me about Maks' results about the dog and she said the dog was doing fine and that the girl is going to adopt her. I thought that was great.

It kills me that there are people like that out there, that will leave a dog tied up out there like that. Thank goodness for people like that woman.:angel2:

Jim Hall
October 24th, 2008, 08:21 AM
good on ya maks i do the same thing w bllod test my old vet looked at me as if i was crazy hey if i wnat to pay for it do it ok? one more reason i use Dr lisa even when we were wondering about manda we did one and Dr Lisa didnt blink an eye even said we could to a cheap x ray to look at lungs but since the coller wehther i dont see manda panting

did i just hi jaack this tread ???:sorry:

NAy was how are csarina and the kits adapting is cz still on prozac?

October 24th, 2008, 08:42 AM
Jim, yes, it's the only way you can really know if something serious is wrong. They can't tell us themselves. I'm lucky that it's fairly inexpensive to do. It cost me about $52 for:

Blood Count - CBC with Differential
Kidney Profile - BUN & Creatinine
Liver Profile - ALT & Alk Phos & Albumin
Electrolytes - Potassium & Total Protein
Plus Heartworm check, Intestinal Parasite check and glucose check.

If I had to pay for all that separately it would cost me $315, and if I had to do a check on them for any of those things chances are they'd already have a problem. I feel like this at least gives us a leg up and allows me to monitor their health better.

Czari is doing well. I'd stopped giving her the prozac. She's pretty settled in and even though she's still hissy with most of the gang, it's nothing really serious. I'm glad I had her on it, because I don't think we could have done this without it. It allowed her to not be so stressed and afraid of the monumental change she'd been put through. It allowed her to be calm and take in her new surroundings a little better.

October 24th, 2008, 08:47 AM
$52~:eek: The vets around here are in the $100's of dollars just for the blood work! Maybe me and the cats should come to Florida every year for the wellness exams! ;) :laughing:

Glad to hear Maks is fit as a fiddle! Now where are the pics? :)

October 24th, 2008, 09:32 AM
Yes, it's a bargain! They get a big discount from the lab so they just pass it on to the customers. If it wasn't so reasonable no way would I be able to do it for them as a preventative type thing. But that's why the clinic does it, because this way it's a way of catching anything that may be serious early.

I'm so behind on pictures for them. I have to get some this weekend and post. them. I'm trying to get one of Maks doing his favorite thing, jumping from the stairs to the sofa.:laughing: The little bugger is just to fast for me!

October 24th, 2008, 01:35 PM
Great news about Maks! :highfive: I love getting good results back!

So your vet passes on the discount from the lab? I wish ours would! :rolleyes:

I'm glad the story about the dog tied along the freeway :frustrated: had a happy ending! :cloud9: Bless that woman!

October 24th, 2008, 01:40 PM
Hazel, I'm very happy he's the perfect little guy inside and outside that I love so much. Kiska is next and I expect her to be just the same.

The clinic I go to is a little expensive for some things, but these JWE's are a great price, and it's their way of allowing us pet parents to come in and keep a closer watch of our little gang at a good price. And the clinic staff is always very friendly, and their vet is exceptional with it comes to the way she treats her furry patients. :D If I couldn't have her see my gang, I'd have two other vets that are also very nice to choose from, so it's another reason I like going there.

I was heartbroken when I saw that woman with that dog. His fur was so matted and you could tell the poor guy was so afraid. Knowing he's found a home makes me feel like there's at least hope out there.

October 25th, 2008, 03:15 PM
200 bucks for that bloodwork at my vet and they are considered an inexpensive vet office.

Glad to hear all is well with Maks.

I take Jasper in every 2 years for his bloodwork and Sweet Pea will be the same unless there is a health issue that comes up.

Puddles of course goes every year for complete bloodwork and urinalysis.

October 25th, 2008, 03:21 PM
I had the others done earlier this year, except Maks and Kiska. I was going to take Kiska next week, but I'm taking Vlad in instead because of that bald patch I found on him. I'm hoping that's nothing bad.