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Hartz Chicken Basted Rawhide Recalled

October 23rd, 2008, 01:12 AM
The Hartz Mountain Corporation voluntarily recalls one specific lot of Chicken-Basted Rawhide Chips because of possible health risk .....

From: U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 6:03 PM
Subject: The Hartz Mountain Corporation Voluntarily Recalls One Specific Lot of Nationwide Chicken-Basted Rawhide Chips Because of Possible Health Risk

The Hartz Mountain Corporation, Secaucus, NJ is voluntarily recalling one specific lot of Hartz Chicken-Basted Rawhide Chips due to concerns that one or more bags within the lot are potentially contaminated with Salmonella.

Hartz is fully cooperating with the US Food and Drug Administration in this voluntary recall.

October 23rd, 2008, 05:54 AM
Hartz is capable of recalling something potentially dangerous?

You learn something new everyday.

Anyways, this is what the package looks like according to google incase anyone was wondering

October 23rd, 2008, 04:39 PM
Thanks for posting the pic, kathryn. :thumbs up