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Introducing the one, the!

October 22nd, 2008, 07:48 AM
I've been a tattoo artist for 37 years so far (and still do daily). I started in Philadelphia in 1973 as Doc Holliday, and was pictured in the 3rd National Tattoo Association Newsletter. I worked briefly for Phila. Eddie in 1976 and later, in 1979 I worked for the person who taught Eddie in the 50's - Mr. Dominic Chance (Cianci).

My hobbies are German Shepherd Rescue, informing the public that all Pitbulls are not killers, computers, and collecting books. I currently have over 3,500 books in my personal library. I am also a licensed Ham radio operator and have a current CDL (commercial drivers license) and have delivered loads on a flatbed in 40 states (mostly steel girders). I rode with the Vietnam Vets M/C for almost 10 years as an officer. And I started the tattoo section on Deviant Art in 2001:

I am also an assistant admin for the WWTAF and am the cohost, resident "special guest" on the weekly internet radio show Tattoo Talk (link on WWTAF page). And I belong, and contribute (as time permits) to almost every major Pitbull site, and German Shepherd site there is. And I've been a computer nerd since 1985 when Windows & Microsoft was still a baby.