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Has anyone watched the Ken Burns documentry "The War"

October 20th, 2008, 08:52 PM
Both my grandfathers and a few of my uncles and great uncles, even one of my aunts were in the second world war. One of my parents neighbours who they sort of look after now (he's 92), was also in the war. This series by Ken Burns is amazing. I remember listening to my moms dad's stories about the first and second world wars (yes he was in both, volunteered both times), and my uncles and great uncles stories, they were all over the world. All of them had so much in common, my moms neighbour too, none of them liked the war, all of them lost close friends, all of them saw too much death, all of them talked about it like it had just happened yesterday, all of them had volunteered, all of them were or are ordinary, just, honest people in my eyes. Some of their stories were terrifying, some facinating, some incredibly sad. I remember some of the battles in this series being talked about by them, just like them, by ordinary people. My moms neighbour across the street was a war bride from Holland. Her stories were facinating too.
Rememberance day is coming soon. Mom's neighbour and my aunt will be taking part in the ceremonies. They will never forget, and we should never forget what they did for us either.