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Microchips. Update your pet profiles

October 13th, 2008, 07:35 AM
As stated on my other post: I am not out to sell anyone anything. I'm not in anyway a spokesperson for the company I work for. I'm just letting people know the types of problems I see where I do work so that I can help anyone who has their microchipped pets registered with a company. :)

I read the earlier thread about a couple that lost their cat at a Mississauga shelter this year and I send my regrets out to the owner.

It was a tradegy that should have been avoided.

The owner stated that the cat was collared and had a microchip. The first issue with this is that this particular shelter may not have a standard scanning routine for any pets that come in.

The second issue could have been the microchip. The owners may or may not have had all of the information needed to be contacted.

Let me explain. I work for a company that reunites people with their lost pets. I get phone calls for missing and found pets. More often than not I have found wrong information, out-dated contact information, missing emergency contact information, or no information at all (non-registered)
It's extremely important to make sure everything is up-to-date. Just because you adopt a pet with a microchip or you get one implanted, doesn't mean you are automatically in our database system.

1. Wrong information. The microchip number registered to your animal is the wrong one. Next time you bring your pet to the vet, get them to scan your pet and give you the microchip number and verify it with your recovery pet program. Sometimes when you intially get your pet's number, it's incorrect either by papers getting mixed up at shelters and clinics, or by reading the numbers incorrectly. (an o instead of a 0)

2.Out-of-date. An old owner's name will be on file, An old address, or an old phone number that doesn't exists. This doesn't help your pet recovery program agents when they are trying to reunite your lost pet with you.

3.Missing emergency contact. Too many peope use themselves as their own emergency contact. Bad idea. We call every number you give us, business, cell, home. We want a contact to use incase you aren't able to reach the phone, on vacation, at work..etc.. Choose a close friend or family member that is willing to help your pet in times of need.

4. No information at all. People will call me with a found pet and ask who the owner is and I don't have the information. Or an owner will call to see if there were any reports of their found pet but they had never registered their chip. Make sure you register. Don't depend on the vet office or the shelter. Do it yourself. It's the best way.

October 13th, 2008, 10:58 AM
...I now work at 24petwatch and I get phone calls for missing and found pets...

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