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Help! Coworker trying to re-home cat!

October 8th, 2008, 07:43 PM
One of my new co-workers has a 3 y.o. ( I think) male cat that her SIL gave to her. It's been peeing on her stairs constantly, to the point they had to tear up the carpet.

My two thoughts on it are:

1) He has stones or crystals or whatever it is that male cats develop (sorry, for my ignorance, I'm not 100% on cats yet!). Point being I told her he needs a vet visit, and she doesn't want to pay to take him.

2) It's behavioural, as he was moved and I don't think anyone in his new home likes him or pays attention to him. This woman really does not like animals at all....

She so far has suggested asking her brother to "take the cat for a long drive into the country" (THAT made me cry), and is now planning to put a "free to good home" ad in the paper!!! :frustrated: :yell:

This woman is not my direct supervisor, but she is part of management, and I'm still really new, so I can't say what I REALLY think. Does anyone have any advice or know of cat rescues in the Hamilton area that would take an owner surrender??? Maybe I can direct her there :shrug: I can't take it, because we have no room and we need kittens so that they will grow up with the dogs. Please help!!!! I feel terrible for this poor cat :sad:

October 8th, 2008, 07:51 PM
aaaaw chase_mom... hate stories like this, ask her from me if she would give up on an addict in need as quickly. grrrrrrr. First thing i thought was crystals too.

October 8th, 2008, 08:04 PM
Tell her to take it to the Hamilton SPCA and surrender it. She will have to pay to do so depending on the age and health of the cat. The SPCA is a no kill shelter but is often confused with Animal Control run by the City of Hamilton.

If she takes it to animal control at the back of the facility they will euthanze if there are issues with the cat or if it is deemed not adoptable.

Im sorry I think thats the best she could do for this animal. Its far to easy for these people to take a drive and have no consequences for their actions! :sorry: not trying to rant!

Honestly though just tell her its the right thing to do and so what if it costs her a few dollars to surrender it! its the right thing to do.

October 8th, 2008, 08:18 PM
Free to good home ads are so weird. I mean, people like money, and they could easily get money for an animal, so why do free to good home ads even exist? I'm sorry, not trying to hijack and certainly not trying to rationalize any of that crazy woman's thoughts... but free to good home ads are just so stupide :yell:

um.. probably best if she takes the cat and surrenders it to a no-kill place. Well.. even a kill shelter.. being euthanized might be a better end then who the heck knows what kinda creeps answer free to good home ads these days if you catch my drift. :yuck:

Um. If it were me I'd tell her to suck it up and take the cat to the vets. Ask her if her parents had no health insurance when she was a baby and she got sick, would it have been okay for her parents to just dump her off somewhere.

Or something like that. That might not work since you are Canadian and health insurance is like, free-ish there or something.. but just give her that general story.

People these days.

October 8th, 2008, 09:12 PM
aaaaw chase_mom... hate stories like this, ask her from me if she would give up on an addict in need as quickly. grrrrrrr. First thing i thought was crystals too.

She's office admin, not a counsellor, so there isn't a whole lot of sensitivity going on. :sad:

The SPCA could work Winston. She mentioned placing an ad in the paper, not online, so it would cost money.....the SPCA fee should be similar. The problem is putting it in a polite enough way to not make life miserable for me at work (as she's already a pretty miserable person to deal with!) :evil:

October 8th, 2008, 09:17 PM
Crap! The SPCA surrender fee for a cat is $100....I honestly don't think she will pay that. And if I tell her what can happen to "free" cats, I don't even think she'll care :sad: I'll try to encourage her to at least charge something for it :shrug: I feel really helpless in this....

October 8th, 2008, 10:26 PM
Is the cat neutured? That may also be why he is spraying. Not that she will care if she is planning on taking a drive.

Print out the poem I wrote yesterday and pin it up near where she will read it. Maybe she will get the message. :rolleyes:

If I could take him I would but I just do not have the room at the moment. We are in the midst of some major shake ups here with changing the catuary.

I agree with Winston. The best thing for her to do is to surrender it. But she probably won't. So sad. He won't find a home with the spraying he's doing either. Someone will take him and dump him pretty quick. :loser:

Is there any way he could be turned in as a stray? I don't know how the shelter works. :shrug: Not by her but maybe she can bring him to you and you could take him in.

If nothing can be done PM me with some info. I guess if he just "turned up" here hubby couldn't say much.

October 9th, 2008, 07:13 AM
As soon as I read the first post, I thought of your peom, 14+. Some people are so heartless :cry:.

October 9th, 2008, 07:57 AM
The peeing might just be a reaction to being unloved,which he clearly is:evil:
I had no idea a surrender to SPCA was $100,people who don't care are not going to fork out $100..
It's very difficult to try to convince a b%*ch like that to do the right thing:yell:
He will more than likely be dumped on the roadside,poor kitty..:cry:

October 10th, 2008, 08:58 AM
Unbelievable. Why did she take it if she wasn't going to take care of it in the first place?:wall:

I can't believe the shelter would charge so much money. I get they sometimes work on donations from the public, but who's going to give $100 in these hard times for an animal they don't want to begin with? They're just asking for people to just toss them into the street.

Is there perhaps another shelter that is also no kill in the area that won't charge or at least not so much?

Man, I've had it. I really have. I've been having a crappy week because of all this garbage going on here in the US with this financial crisis, I just saw another stray coming around the area Czarina used to be in, and now to hear this? Is there something in this world just slowly taking the compassion out of people? Is it in the water? Are some people just so numbed out about everything that a living creature that can't fend for themselves is such a burden? As difficult a time as I'm having I'd be willing to pony up at least $40 or $50 just to help pay for this cat to be taken somewhere that it can be kept safe until a home was found for him. :censored:

October 10th, 2008, 01:28 PM
What's happening with the cat Chase_smom?

October 10th, 2008, 05:39 PM
Sorry for the delay in an update. The woman has been away the past two days so I haven't been able to talk to her about it. I don't think she will do anything rash.....I will try to bring it up on Monday. It's just so hard being new to this job still and her being part of management. It's also hard because of the logistics of me being able to help out even if I can figure out a plan.....hubby works 12-hour shifts one hour away and we only have one car (not that I can drive anyway :frustrated:). So I can't physically take the cat anywhere, and with the dogs it can't come here at all.....I don't know for sure b/c I haven't been able to talk to her, but I'm assuming it's probably not good with dogs, and we do NOT have a big apartment. I couldn't even keep it in one room for a couple days, because there is no room to spare! :shrug: :sad:

So confusing....

October 10th, 2008, 05:43 PM
Maybe I am interpreting this wrong...any opinions? As far as I can tell they're saying it's $100 to surrender a cat....

October 10th, 2008, 05:56 PM
I don't think you're interpreting it wrong. It looks like you have to shell out $100 just to surrender a cat. :sad:

October 18th, 2008, 10:40 AM
Good news: There is a senior counsellor at my work who is also an animal lover. She flipped out at lunch the other day when she heard about it and is insisting that the cat be taken to the Burlington Humane Society (which is no-kill).

I'm so relieved that she will follow up and make sure the cat is safe....but I didn't have to compromise my job (I'm still on probation) by getting upset about an issue I doubt I could discuss in a tactful or respectful way. I have been so mad about this all week and I'm just glad it's getting resolved. I hope the kitty finds a much better home then the one he is currently in!!!

October 18th, 2008, 10:54 AM
I'm so glad that senior counselor stepped up and voiced her opinion! Yay for her, and hopefully that poor cat will find a family who won't give her away for such an idiotic reason.