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training hoax or a REALLY CLEVER DOG

October 6th, 2008, 03:32 PM
I was watching this program on TV today called brilliant beasts. i only turned onto it about 15 minutes from the end. anyway. it was about amazing dogs, and the last 15 minutes was about his doberman who was adopted by a woman from a rescue shelter when he was about 4. She bought him around 15 stuffed toys to play with, and at first it seemed like normal play, but then the woman said, and showed pictures and video of the dog making trianles and circles using these animals, and either they were all frogs, or all monkeys, or they were all face down or all their heads were facing inwards or some other set or pattern was made. Another thing, this dog was very shy but the first day since she had him that he let her put her arm aroung him, he arranged two of his toys, side by side, one with its arm over the other (it was a monkey and a frog.) A while later then he got all of his toys, and put the three frogs in a staight line, the three monkeys in a staight line beside it and then the other five toys surrounding them. The dog only does this toy arranging thing when people aren't around, and a psychologist put up cameras and sound recorders to make sure nobody was there whistling to him or anything, so he wasnt told to do it on command. there was definatly nobody there!

This dog was 4 when she adopted him, so he could have been trained before then to do all that, but somehow i just don't think it was

i named this thread training hoax or REALLY CLEVER DOG because im wondering do you think it is a hoax, or this incredible dog is just too clever for words?

October 9th, 2008, 08:30 AM
Another thing, there was an addition to that particular programme and they went back to the shelter where the doberman was adopted, and the shelter worker who looked after him said he barley knew how to play with toys.


This addition was about 20 minutes long

anyone else see it??

October 9th, 2008, 08:39 AM
Even if it was a hoax and he was being told on command and had been trained to do it - its still a pretty cool thing for a dog to do. Especially if she hadnt had him that long.
My husky, who passed away yesterday used to take his stuffed dalmation and put it under my duvet. He would stick his head under the duvet, leave it and extract his head from under the duvet again. The odd thing was he only ever did it with the dalmation (it was one of those macdonalds toys the kids get!) he never did it with garfield / snoopy or his pig. He stopped doing it after about a month and never did it again.

October 9th, 2008, 08:46 AM

If i can ever get a dog, i will get him cuddly toys and see if he does anything quite as near as sweet as what you just said!

I read Kai's final goodbye...I loved it, he sounds gorgeous!
Sorry to hear about him :rip:

Do you think you will ever get another dog?