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Anyone else with a dancing dog?

October 5th, 2008, 02:43 PM
:laughing: yes really....and not because I've trained her to. I just wish i had video.

My dog has all sorts of oddball behaviours that either make me laugh or scratch my head. This one does my heart good.

I thought i'd post this one because she spent an afternoon entertaining everyone at the vet's who said they'd never seen a dog do this.

She's always had this sensitive spot on her back i guess (it doesn't hurt her), and for some reason, when touched there, her back legs just start jigging away like she's dancing, and she gets all happy and excited looking. I'm guessing it's like that spot on your ribs that is super ticklish or something. Who knows.

It's hilarious. All I have to do is lay my hand on her lower back and off she goes. I know it doesn't hurt her because she keeps coming back for me to do it, or if i happen to be sitting with a foot dangling from a crossed leg, she backs underneath it to do it herself :laughing: Like I said, she's really an oddball.

I was sitting on a bench at the vet with my leg crossed and she did this, and her legs started going a mile a minute, and because her nails are a little long, all you could hear was clickity clickity clickity like she was tap dancing. There was a big crowd there and everyone was in stiches. Of course with all the extra attention she got even more worked up and the legs were just going a mile a minute.

People were telling me to take her on the road ..too funny. She had em rolling in the aisles, little scene stealer. I'll have to keep her in mind if they ever do a Riverdance with dogs....hehe.

October 5th, 2008, 03:25 PM
David Letterman does pet tricks. The top few people and their dogs get free airplane tickets to the Big Apple and an animal-friendly hotel room, and the dog gets to show off on late-night TV. There's no interview with Dave (which is a bad or good thing, depending on your nerves) although he does greet you (and maybe tells a joke or two at your expense :laughing:). Not too shabby.
You have to send them a video.