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What the hell.....

October 4th, 2008, 05:38 PM
is wrong with people who use the dog park? Honestly, I'm about to give up the park forever.
Let's ignore the humans with large dogs who can't seem to find their dog's five pound piles of poo and get to the actual behavioral issues.
Last nite, within a couple of minutes of being at the park, I saw my buddy Chico and his mom & dad. I started walkign towards them, when this THING, a boxer cross, jumped chico (a baby golden retriever), and held him on his back, growling, with his face in chico's face.
Of course dad starts yelling at the owner, a young apparently clueless woman, to get her *$$*#( dog off chico, put the leash on and get him out of the park. She acted like she was afraid to touch her dog, then commented that "it's just a dominance thing. He likes to dominate other dogs". Yes, well I like to kick stupid-ass dog owners, but there are things we're just not allowed to do. She didn't remove her dog from the park until he went after another dog. WTF?
Thursday, was there for 5 mins when I met up with doggy buds.I put my jacket down, and started throwing toys for Scruffy. I turned around and a small poodle started to pee on my jacket, while the owner watched. I grabbed it and tossed it away and grabbed my jacket. Clueless owner just wandered off, not even an apology. People. This is NOT acceptable behavior.

The other day a big shepherd cross starts acting aggressively towards Scruff. The owner appears (you guessed it, helpless) so I had to intervene and scare his dog away.
Another, bigger shepherd cross started 3 fights the other day. This dog has shredded several of Scuff's park toys becuase the owner can't/won't get him to drop. He wouldn't even pull his dog away from the fights! Grr
Not even going into the number of dogs who have stolen our toys, and whose owners are totally incapable of getting them back. Gee, maybe that's why I put the time in to train Scruff to drop?
How do people get this stuipd, and why is it that the stupider the owner, the bigger and more aggressive the dog? If they won't take their dogs to school they should not have dogs!

END RANT,you may now continue your regular programming.

October 4th, 2008, 07:29 PM
Yes, well I like to kick stupid-ass dog owners, but there are things we're just not allowed to do.

:laughing: good one , too bad you're not allowed to :frustrated:

There's no dog parks here , even if there was , I would never take my dogs there. Too many stupid owners :shrug:

October 4th, 2008, 08:00 PM
I suggest that you leave the toys at home. Leachless Dog Parks are not known for intelligent dog owners- why go there?:lightbulb:
Sorry, but that's my experiece here in Waterloo.

October 6th, 2008, 12:10 AM
I actually love the dog park where I take Hogan. I'm divorced and live with my 2 dogs, so they need the socialization with people and other dogs. There are very few incidences of any kind and almost all the dogs are well behaved. The park where I go consists of wide trails that all interconnect and there is a meadow. I find that walking with the dogs (not just standing around), is excellent for them and keeps them busy.

Also, I think that dog toys and dog treats are the 2 biggest problems and should not be allowed in an off leash area. For example, my dog does not get treats until the evening. At the dog park, he knows who is carrying treats and is a shameless beggar for them. You would think I never fed him all day. It's very hard to train him not to do this cause it is not a problem at home.

Anyway, maybe I just lucked out but I can't say enough good things about the dog park where I go. :)

October 6th, 2008, 12:59 AM

I also love the dog park, unfortunately mine is not a trail, It's a HUGE baseball field :sad: and you can really smell the dog piddle :yuck: . I agree with not bringing toys or treats, sounds like more trouble than it's worth :shrug: .

Some people are really weird in what should be considered unacceptable. I would be mortified and apologizing profusely if my dog harmed another dog or ruined someones property (so far has not happened :fingerscr:)

I hope next time, you and scruff can have more fun :goodvibes:

October 6th, 2008, 06:50 AM
I love the dog park that we take our dogs to, its smaller and we know almost everyone... I took Patrón to a bigger park once and he was bitten and required stitches... which the other dog owner refused to pay for.

With the toys part... the dog that bit Patrón was toy aggressive, and when Patrón tried to play with her and "her" toy, that when she bit him. Toys are NOT a good thing in a dog park... Tennis balls are good, and Frisbess are cool, but you just CANT bring stuffies into the dog park... Patrón is the FIRST one to steal someones toy... He'll play fetch with tennis balls, but anything else he just steals and walks around with in his mouth so no one else can play with it. I'll take it from him and put it on the picnic table out of ALL the dogs reach, with toys like that you're asking for a fight. If the owner gives it back to her dog anf Patrón takes it again, then the OWNER can retrieve it from him... afterall it IS a DOG PARK...not just people socialize and not watch their dog time...

Also, dog size has NOTHING to do with how aggressive a dog is... Patrón is nearly 80 lbs... the dog that bit him was half his size... I agree with you, its all about the training....

October 6th, 2008, 04:34 PM
We don't have any dog parks - but I have seen first hand how toy aggression can lead to fights and injuries. We have a 'friend' (he's more my dh's friend than mine) who camps at the lake with us sometimes. He has 2 dogs, a bc cross and a lhaso. The bc cross is kept outside in a fenced kennel 24/7. The only time she is out of that cage is when he brings her to the lake. But she is extremely toy aggressive - and it's tennis balls that she likes. She wants to fetch, she wants you to throw the ball - but if another dog even acts like they might be interested in chasing that ball, she'll turn and attack them. My son's SharPei likes this dog and follows her around. If a tennis ball happens to show up, and Lexi is following Velvet, Lexi will get attacked. When Velvet is at the lake - no toys are allowed and I strictly enforce that because Lexi has been attacked several times. Velvet's owner says that if Lexi wouldn't follow her so close she wouldn't get attacked. Well, if Velvet had some socialization skills and perhaps was allowed to actually play with other dogs, she wouldn't be so possessive of her toys and so ready to attack.

October 6th, 2008, 04:48 PM
While I agree 100% that dogs who are being nasty should not be at dog parks, I think bringing toys to a park is a very bad idea. I have been on the opposite end of this, with Chase snatching tennis balls away from a dog whose owner was trying to play fetch with their dog in isolation from everyone else. Chase CAN leave it and drop it, but the dog park environment is so stimulating that gets a bit hard for him and IMO is an awful lot to ask of a dog who is there for the sole purpose of play. Even worse, while the woman was lecturing me, her dog started playing with Chase and they were having a great time. Dogs are there to socialize and play with each other....not play fetch with their owner. You can do that in your own backyard. IF someone brings a ball to a dog park, it should be with the intent of letting all the dogs run after it and the expectation of possibly going home without it. :2cents:

October 6th, 2008, 06:35 PM
Mine is a big open field too, and that is the problem. Every dog in the park can see every other dog.
The only reason I bring toys is that Scruff is young and all he wants to do is run. He won't walk very far without jumping around wanting to fetch something. He will only play with other dogs if they have a stick. Unless they're black, he only plays with blonds..sigh.
As for toys the only ones I bring are cheapo pet smart frisbees.
The reason I started going to the park was to tire him out so he'd sleep the night. Now that he's older, am seriously thinking about skipping it altogether.

October 7th, 2008, 10:37 AM
its weird, the park I go at is alright, sure the "self proclaimed boss" is a ^*#@^* and everyone hates her, but id say 90% of the owners are responsible, we have some "unwritten agreement" with smaller dogs, they have their time, we have ours, bad owner are usually kicked out by a angry mob o.0

October 7th, 2008, 11:47 PM
Etown Chick, thanks for the head's up on the park. I was sitting here the other day thinking it might be nice to go to one of the dog parks here, but after reading your story, I think I'll just keep Karma away from them. We're on an acreage right outside the city and I think that's where we'll stay. I'd hate to have to hurt the first ignorant person I saw at the park and then move on to the next and the next and the next. I'd be pretty pooped out by the time I left :laughing::laughing::laughing:

October 29th, 2008, 10:18 PM
The idiots in Edmonton that take their dogs to off-leash areas are ridiculous!

I just got home from the Belgravia off-leash park (74ave and 120st along Sask drive) after having an infuriating experience there. I'm in the park with my boxer cross puppy running around and this middle aged couple is walking along the edge of the park along the road with their massive collie cross dog (it was like a good 70Lbs) but they're a fair ways away from us. My puppy keeps looking a their dog and then looking at me because she wants to go play with it. I keep telling her no because it's to close to the road and I don't want her to get excited when she is playing and go on the street, she listen to me and keeps playing with me away from the road.

Then their dog runs over most of the way up to us wagging his tail and I finally say it's okay for Penelope(my puppy) to go play with it. They start running around an playing and the dog seems pretty nice. Then the other dog runs over to his owners to say hello, and Penelope follows him. The man takes his cane and starts hitting her across the chest. I run over there as fast as I can and grab my puppy and get between her and the couple. I was REALLY upset! I start yelling at them I'm like "YOU CAN'T HIT DOGS WITH YOUR CANE" and meanwhile the man is raising his cane to hit me and his wife is yelling at me in broken English (I think they were German or something) "YOUR DOG SHOULD BE ON DA LEASH" and I'm like "YOUR DOG ISN'T ON A LEASH EITHER, IT'S AN OFF-LEASH PARK! YOU CAN'T USE YOUR CANE AS A WEAPON AGAINST ANYONE NOT EVEN DOGS" his wife is going on and on about how "he can hit anyone or any dog that comes near them, and saying that I'm crazy" the whole while he is still trying to hit jab at my dog with his cane and starts getting up in my face and raising at at me and I'm still screaming at him about how "YOU CAN'T JUST GO AROUND HITTING ANIMALS IN THIS COUNTRY" anyways when I refuse to back down he takes another swing at my puppy (who at this point is hiding behind my legs and I'm holding her collar with my right hand) and when he swings at her he hits the side of my legs pretty hard.

That was the last straw, and I just lose it at him. I let go of my puppy and she runs toward a woman and her child that have their puppy at the other end of the park. I stepped forward so I was about eight inches from the man's face and said to him really quietly "if you hit me or my dog again, I will knock you the ***** out" he then raises his cane to about his shoulder height (which is about the height of my head because I'm not a very big woman) and draws it back to swing at me but his wife grabs him and pulls him away before he can bring it down. She starts dragging him away "going she's crazy, she's crazy" and I yell after them that "using your cane as a weapon is illegal"

My sister called the police complaint line and they sent a squad car over but by the time the police get there the man and his wife are gone. The officers said that up until the point that he hit me all he had done was engage in animal cruelty; Because you can't hit a dog unless it is attacking you (which she obviously wasn't, and there's no was he could have mistaken her floppy tongue and wagging tail for aggression) and there wasn't much I could do except get between him and my puppy and call the police; But once he took that first hit to my legs with his cane, even if he had been trying to hit the dog, he had then committed assault with a deadly weapon (the cane was solid metal) towards me. If I had hit him back it would have been classified as self defense.

I wish I had hit him I shouldn't have given him a chance to walk away.

But seriously what an idiot. I really feel sorry for his wife and dog, I wonder if he hits them with his cane at home. The biggest part of it that mystifies me is that if you don't like dogs, then why own one? If you like your dog and just don't like other people's then why go to a dog park? Why wouldn't he just walk his dog on-leash somewhere else? To go to a dog park and to hate dogs so much that you take your cane to any that approach you seems absolutely ludicrous to me. The weirdest thing is that he didn't need his cane to walk, he seemed to have no trouble lunging at my dog without leaning on it. Perhaps he carried it strictly to use as a in-evident weapon.

Anyways I'm done my rant. I cannot even express how much cruelty to animals upsets me. If I see that couple at the park again and he raises his cane to us I won't hesitate I'll punch him out, even if he is like 50.

November 1st, 2008, 01:10 PM
You are a far better person than me, because if someone hit my dog with a metal cane when my dog showed no aggression, it would be MY aggression that they'd have to worry about. I would've knocked him on his ass!

Being that I have Pitbulls, I don't go anywhere near dog parks. It's not that I worry about my dogs being aggressive, I worry about other people's dogs that seriously lack training and social skills. If their dog starts something, and my dog defends itself, my dog will be held accountable for the whole incident, regardless of who started it. So it's just not a risk I am willing to take.

And as you have pointed out, it's not just unruly dogs that are of concern, but idiots like the one you encountered. I have no patience for blatant stupidity and dog owners that think they can just let their dog go running off leash without regards for others and then hit other people's dogs, or let them pee on someone's coat, or jump other dogs and stand idly by.

Obviously, your puppy was just trying to have fun and was not being a menace of any kind. I am sorry your experience was so negative and somewhat violent, and I for one wouldn't have blamed you if you had knocked that a$$wipe out.

Sorry for the rant...stories like this just...bring out the :evil: in me
Hugs to you and your pup.

November 1st, 2008, 10:53 PM
I have been against dog parks from the start. Just like any other "meeting" place, you have the evils entwined with the good.
It is not worth it.
You have friends with dogs, form your own personal group and go from there.
I would not trust a pet with anyone I would not trust a child (or in my case) a grandchild.
You do not need a designated park to bring your critters to romp and have fun with friends.
Bully's and *******'s exist with our furr friends too.
Just my opinion.

November 1st, 2008, 10:59 PM
:wall: showed a huge amount of restraint. I wouldnt have hesitated to assault him right back, probably with his own cane. I would have responded, seriously! His cane would be in a nice C-shape by the time I was done with it, and then I would have thrown it as far as I could.
He would have nightmares about psycho-dog lady at the park. And he would think twice next time, before raising his voice or cane at anyone, let alone my dog.