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Keely could've been killed!

October 4th, 2008, 01:53 PM
Remember the huskey/lab x that was supposed to disapear?

Me and keely were out in the back yard and i was bulding a tire jump for her, and keely was tied on to the clothes line(acting as a run) and up comes Sandy and the goat. Sandy pinned keely to the ground and i quickly kicked sandy off, im accually surprised sandy doesnt have brain damage ( I kicked her in the head, HARD) Then the goat turns on her and goes to ram me.. So i kicked that too. I scooped up keely ad ran to the house, made sure she was okay (she was fine just a little shaken up) and Ran down the road and got my neighbors german shepherd. I walked to the house of sandys and the goats owners and told them to take there animals in the house and i told them if they even set foot near my property i can assure you, they will never see them again. The owner went to get the dog and Started laughing because sandy was trying to kill a squirell. I called the spca and told them about it, they said they couldnt do anything about the attck but to call the police. Then i quickly told them that they had a dog tied up outside 24/7 . His dog house isnt insulated so they CAN take him. I also told them about the miniature poodle with a tumer on her breast about the size of my fist and about how they arent giving her medical treatment. And also about the fact i can not walk my dog without getting luncged and and growled at by the dog, and harrased by the goat. They said they MIGHT be abole to take them all away if they get all of ther einformation together. I also told them that sandy is indeed a sweet dog, but needs a owner who cn train her and handle her properly, and they agreed that she isnt at fault, but the owners are. So then i called mom at work and she called the cops. They will get back to her as soon as possible. I swear if i had a gun here today, I would not have hesitated to kill the dog and the goat, and i AM an animal lover. But NOBODY messes with my dog. I would have felt bad after, but at the time, i wouldnt have even thjought about it. ( I really feel bad about kicking the animals now:sad:)

Thanks for listening, and please if you have advice, leave some!

Jessica:sad: and keely:sad::confused:

October 4th, 2008, 02:49 PM
Don't feel bad , you protected your dog ! Good for you for calling the spca. Let's hope the police will do something about this , it did happen on YOUR property !!


October 4th, 2008, 05:20 PM
I'd be curious about your fencing, wondering how a goat would get through. Then again we live in teh city so goats are not an
You were absolutely correct in calling the spca and the police. Grr Some people should not be allowed to have animals.

October 4th, 2008, 06:21 PM
We dont have fencing anymore. Its been taken down to be replaced, unfortunalty my dad had to leave to go back to alberta before the new material came in so we have to wait until he comes home again:yell::frustrated: Im having the worst day of my life! :yell: