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grrr finding some peeing places

September 30th, 2008, 06:16 PM
So here i am cleaning up my kitchen getting ready to have company over for dinner and see one of my chair cusions on the floor. Not thinking anything of it reach down and pick it up seeing for the first time that one of the little "angels" peed on it. So i check my other three. Well the two chairs that bf and i sit in are fine (so nice of them :rolleyes:) and the other two both got peed on. So two thoughts one is that Eclipse decided to mark his terrority because he's been a bit stressed lately again or Serena did it when eclipse wasn't letting her use the little boxes a couple months ago cause they were already dry. Sigh they all do really good don't go on my living room floor or bedroom or my bed but jeeze on me kitchen chairs??? lol oh well just wanted to vent because it made me cranky. Lucky the two chairs are fine. Smell a bit musty but hopefully they will air out.