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Doggy depression

September 29th, 2008, 10:56 PM
Hi all!!!!

I an super concerned about my little doggy (is a girl).

Here are the symptoms:

She is slow and lethargic

She trembles when me or my mom arrive home. And when we try to carry her in order to hug her and make her feel secure she cries like with pain. However if we hold hher under different circumstances she doesn't complain and seems happy about it

She used to give me sings when she wanted me to put her in my legs and hold her while I am in the computer. She stopped doing that.

She is not excited about her toys

She spends all the time in her bed

However her eating habits haven't change. She is eating almost as much as always (though today she left some food in her plate)


On June 6 I arrived home from a long 2-years trip abroad because I was doing my graduate studies. One month later my dad went through a very difficult surgery in his spinal cord and column. The surgery left him with movility limitations (temporal thanks God). . However for his recovery we had to change all the bedrooms because we needed to introduce a clinical bed, wheel chair, and some other stuffs. She used to sleep with me in my bed in my bedroom. But now for issues with the space we had to put the clinical bed in my bedroom and disassemble my bed. I am sleeping in my parents room and my mom is sleeping in a matters in my former room which we remove every day so he can have space to make his rehabilitation exercises. My dad used to be the one who would give my doggy her food at noon. But not anymore for now and He is not moving around the house like he used to. He spends must of the time is his bed

This situation has put a lot of stress on all of us. My mom is very busy now taking care of my dad and herself and the house. On the other hand I started working like a month ago so I am not sharing with her as much as I used to during the past two months. She is not paying attention to me as she used to.

I wonder if she is sick or if she is just reacting to the changes at home. If that were the case, how can I help her? :shrug:

Thank you so much for your interest! and sorry for the long (hope not boring) explanation



September 29th, 2008, 11:05 PM
I think your first course of action should be to have her checked out at the vet. Some of it sounds like stress...but some of it could be an underlying physical problem. It's possible for stress to cause some physical ailments, as well--and she's certainly had a lot of change in the past few months.

Once she gets a medical okay, start working on her mood. Extra attention, special activities, rides in the car...if you run errands, take her along. Can your Dad hold her and interact with her? Might be good for both of them. :shrug:

:goodvibes: for a quick recovery for your Dad and a good vet visit for your pooch. I hope they're both feeling better soon!