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Keeping Buddy inside now.

September 29th, 2008, 04:05 PM
I'm 100% for keeping cats inside when you can. Buddy has always been going in and out against my will.

Well myself, my dad and even my mom are fed up with him. He's been running out the door at about 4am when my mom gets up for work and goes to feed the bunny. He hasn't been coming back until dinner time. I feed around 5pm and he's fairly good and showing up right on time. The problem is he kept running back out the door after dinner and sometimes not coming home that night.

So, he's not allowed out anymore. We are sick and tired of worrying about him. He suspect he has another family! We don't appreciate that. All the other cats stay close bye. Three Legged Missy stays right around the house and hardly ever leaves. I can step out the door and got pssttt MISSYYY and she's right there. My ferals stay close by. The farthest anyone goes is a couple houses down. One time they crossed the street, but it's a one way 15mph road with speedbumps. So their chances of getting run over are yeah, still there but very extremely unlikely.

So yup. He still won't use the litterbox though. But I know everyone is very anti-outdoor cat (as am I in most cases) so I just wanted to let everyone know. Until he calms down and learns to stay right outback like everyone else does and like he used to do, he is strictly indoors.

I had put a GPS tracker on him one time and it showed he was crossing active high-speed railroad tracks among other things.

So we are tired of putting up with him running off and not coming home all day.

September 30th, 2008, 11:47 AM
I am also for keeping your pets inside and out of danger. We have construction going on nearly every summer and I see so many cats along the construction zone that have gotten trapped against the barriers and run over. It breaks my heart since it is totally preventable. I have people tell me that their dog/cat wants to go outside and will whine or cry all night if they don't let them loose to run - and to those people I normally respond with a question about what they would do if their 3 yr old child wanted to play in the street, or play with poison - and whined or cried when they are told no. Of course they always get indignant that they would not allow their toddler to place themselves in danger. A domestic cat or dog has about the same mental capacity as a toddler - its up to the owners to keep them from placing themselves in danger.