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My bunny problems

September 27th, 2008, 09:56 AM
The man from whom we bought him was keaping him outside in the sun in a bag with a grill on the top and with some wilted weed (not even grass). You could not even imagine it. He was very skinny, but now he looks more normal. This happened at the begining of august(very hot outside). I can't describe how afraid he was and how much took him to get used to us. Even now he still has times when he gets frightened, but he's much more gentle, if i could say that, than the female. The single bad thing that he has is that he's agressive about food. I think it's because he was unfed that he's so agressive and he would eat anything and anytime. He is more used to me, but if somebody else tries to give him food he will jump to bite or scratch him/her and he even growls.
A couple of times when was very hot ouside(and ofcourse in his cage too) and when we took him to the vet in a small cage we saw that he wets himself all the way till his eyes and under his chin. The same vet that did surgery on both of them (spayed, neuter) didn't said anything when we asked him if it's normal to have a wet nose. We believed that it was because of the heat and lack of air. One day we saw him in his cage that he wets himself all the way till his eyes and under his chin. We wiped his face well and after some houres he began to sneeze, to snort, wheeze and he kept his mouth open. We put him on a towel in a better place and we wiped his nose from time to time. In the morning he was feeling a lot better. We searched the internet and read a book about rabbit diseases and we came to the conclusion that is pasteurella. We went to the vet, explained him everything and he told us that "This is not pasteurella" but an allergy. We would have loved to know why he sad that but we can't get anything out from him. He gave us for the bunny some Vitamine C with some antiinflammatory(i don't know if this is how you say it). When we made him the shot he almost didn't have anything anymore. Since then nothing hapened anymore maybe because the weather chanced(it's a little cold), we didn't took him to the vet(a lot of stress for him) or maybe not.
What do you think. Could it be Pasteurella? I saw that Baytril is the best for pasteurella. If i give him Baytril and he does not have pasteurell could this harm him? If someone knows could you tell me what kind(injectable,oral in water, tablets,2.27%, 5%, 10%) and how much for how many days.

I have a little problem with the female too. Yesterday i saw that she has some shells on her back skin. Not on her whole back, but only on a small place. The fur didn't fall off and the skin is not swollen or red. Could it be dermatomycosis? If i give her something for this and she does not have it could this harm her? I read that i could give her one of this:
Griseofulvin(Licuden M)
Are good or is something else better? For how many days and how many times on a day? I'd be very happy if someone knows.

September 28th, 2008, 08:20 AM
I managed to take a photo, but my camera it's not so good so the photo is blur.
I have another question. She has those blue spots on her skin. Are they normal? They only look like this on chinchillas? Because the male doesn't have them. I notice that when the fur starts growing you can see those blue spots. Am i right? She has those blue spots on her whole back.