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Dog leaking urine

September 25th, 2008, 12:58 PM

I'm new to this board, so apologies if this has been asked before.

My 13 year old English Setter (spayed female) is leaking urine.
She has been to the vet a couple of times in the past few weeks since this has been happening. Urine tests showed a UTI, so we tried antibiotics (Clavamox). Went back for second urine test, still showed signs of a few white blood cells in the urine, so doc put her a second course of antibiotics. She is going back to the vet for another test in a few days when these pills are gone. This time they'll draw urine with a needle directly from the bladder (less chance of contamination) to see if the infection is cleared up.

The problem is, she's leaking now more than ever. We thought we had it cleared up, but over the past two days, what used to be a slow, occasional leak has become an almost constant steady run. Anywhere she lies down gets soaked with pee.

Our house is now a smelly mess, but I'm more concerned with what could be going on with this poor dog. She shows no sign of discomfort, just the usual slow stair climbing of an arthritic older dog. She eats and drinks normally (no more water than usual, I'm keeping track) and does her business outside as usual with a few #2 accidents in the house now and then (which is TOTALLY unlike her.)

What could this be? Some people have said she just needs some estrogen pills to help her contain her bladder, but other people have said they've tried that without success.

I'd appreciate any help or advice you could provide.

September 25th, 2008, 03:40 PM
She may just be a little incontinent ask the vet about stilbestrol which I call the magical pink pill. It helps but the UTI has to be cleared first.

September 25th, 2008, 05:02 PM
Did someone say "English Setter"? :cloud9:

It does sound like your girl has spay incontinence. It's pretty common in spayed animals. There are two fairly effective treatments for it: the estrogen substitute DES that MIA mentions and phenylpropanolamine (PPA). Once the infection has been cleared, ask about the possibility of incontinence and the treatments available. Make sure you discuss the side effects of either treatment so you know what to watch for and what followup tests your vet might recommend since the treatment will likely be long term.

We've had two spay incontinent females. The first was a springer who developed incontinence when she was about 10 or 11. It came on along with a UTI as is happening in your dog, and as the UTI cleared up, the leaking became more pronounced. We started her on PPA and within a day or so, the leaking stopped.

One of our current setters also is spay incontinent. She gets one PPA (Proin) every other day and that's enough to control it. (Typically with PPA, they start your dog at a higher dose, then you taper it down to the lowest level that still controls the incontinence.) :thumbs up

:o Now then...I don't suppose you have a picture of your girl to share, do you? :D

September 26th, 2008, 09:45 AM
Thanks to both of you.
I shall ask the vet about those when we go in on Monday morning. He did mention estrogen, but I will inquire about the PPA, also.

I do have photos, Hazelrunpack, but I'm ashamed to say I don't know how to put them in this message. I can paint you a word picture though (Ha!)....Our girl is mostly white with spots of red throughout. She came to us from a shelter when she was about two. We doubt very much that she's a purebred, but her "setter" personality is certainly 110%! She's very affectionate, full of spunk and humour, and seems to think she's just a wee little 70-pound lap-dog. :)

I'll let you know how she makes out after the weekend.
Thanks again.

September 26th, 2008, 09:50 AM
If the pics are on your computer and you can reduce them to under 100KB in size, you can upload them using the Manage Attachments button under Additional Options (which you should see just under the reply window).

She sounds like a lovely orange belton. You gotta love that setter sweetness, eh? :cloud9: