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Trying Raw!

September 21st, 2008, 01:12 PM

I've been checking out this forum for a few months now, and already made the switch from grocery-store food to Go Natural - Grain Free based on the information I got here. I'm curious about raw, mostly because of the vet bills for dental work.

I have 3 dogs, the oldest is 11 and a small breed who needs dental every year, then a 6 year old whippet who needs dental every two years and a 4 year old shepherdX who has never needed dental. I was checking out her teeth the other day though and there's definitely some build-up, so now's the time to switch!

Despite all my reading, I got a little ahead of myself yesterday and got them some beef ribs (I realize now you should probably start with chicken and beef ribs don't really have alot of meat). Today I got the big dogs chicken breast with bone and a chicken leg (with back?) for the littlest.

So far, the shepherd is happy as heck with everything, the whippet has an upset tummy and won't touch her chicken and the littlest is refusing to eat any raw. I sprinkled some pro-biotics on the whippet's chicken to see if that helps anything. She usually gets a rumbly tummy from anything that isn't kibble, so I'm not too surprised.

I'll definitely be needing to find some deals on meat and hopefully this'll work out well! Thanks for all your help!