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A few pictures of the gang

September 17th, 2008, 08:22 AM
Oksana on one of her favorite spots.

Kiska, waiting her turn at chewing the camera cord.

Czarina finding another comfy spot.

September 17th, 2008, 08:24 AM
Vlad showing his softer side.

Maks, getting caught by surprise.

Vlad and his best bud, Maks playing.

September 17th, 2008, 11:30 AM
:laughing::laughing:Kiska waiting in line for some fun cord chewing

Czarina is looking very relaxed, ancientgirl :cloud9:

Ummmm, did Vlad give you written permission to post that picture :p

Is that Oksana's "Overseeing her territory" position? :laughing:

September 17th, 2008, 11:35 AM
L4H, I expect a cease and desist order from Vlad's attorneys at any moment. :D

Oksana likes to lay in the kitchen on the counter or on top of the cabinets. I suspect it's just for that purpose, to view her territory. I suspect she's actually the one who runs the place and just lets Vlad think he's the boss.

September 17th, 2008, 11:58 AM
Oh, yeah, the girls always rule :thumbs up. When Vlad gets out of hand, she'll put him back in place :laughing:

September 17th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Oh she does.:laughing:

September 17th, 2008, 12:39 PM
All the pics are sweet - I love that one of Kiska and Maks chewing on the cord!
How'd you get a shot of them playing? Every time I try I just get blurs.. I think it's time to get a new camera..

September 17th, 2008, 12:41 PM
Oh, the first couple of pictures came out blurry, but by the time I managed to get this one, the camera had time to focus. And they were slightly more still.

I'm going to need a new camera soon too. This one has been a little iffy lately.

September 17th, 2008, 01:19 PM
LOL, those are so cute, I love the last one!!

September 17th, 2008, 04:44 PM
Czarina finding another comfy spot.

I swear you can see the smile on her face!!! :cloud9::lovestruck:

Maks, getting caught by surprise.

You know my mom makes that exact face if you try to take her picture without her makeup on!!! :rolleyes: :laugh:

Cuties all of them...:lovestruck:

September 17th, 2008, 06:13 PM
BeagleMum, even though Maks is smaller than Vlad, they sometimes play a little rough, which saves the girls from having to deal with either of them. :D

krdahmer, I really think she's happy. She's exploring more, she's spending more time around the others and being a little more tolerant, and she's enjoying her little spots. LOL, your mom must look like a handsome kitty with no make-up them.:D

September 18th, 2008, 12:22 AM
Cute pics of them all :lovestruck: and Czarina looks so "at home" now. :cloud9:

September 18th, 2008, 12:34 AM
:laughing: Love the Vlad "showing his softer side" :cloud9:

great pics :)

September 18th, 2008, 01:12 AM
Love the boys wrestling :lovestruck: and the pic of Vlad with his "tiara" :laughing:.

September 18th, 2008, 09:36 AM
They're all so beautiful, AG. :cloud9:

That one of Vlad with the feathers looks like he was partying hard... :laughing:

September 18th, 2008, 09:41 AM
:laughing: Yeah, Vlad does look like that guy at the end of the party who's laying on the floor with party favors stuck on him.

September 18th, 2008, 09:55 AM
Very neat pics as usual. Your gang is very handsome/pretty. Czari sure looks like she is ruling the roost!! :cloud9:

September 18th, 2008, 10:31 AM
LOL, right now I think the only one she's trying to rule is Maks.:D

September 18th, 2008, 10:27 PM
Always love your photos and threads.

September 18th, 2008, 10:39 PM
Great pics, AG. I love the one with party hardy Vlad :party: All your kitties are precious. :lovestruck: