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Puppy's reaction to raw food- I need help

September 15th, 2008, 10:43 AM

I'm new to this raw food feeding and am strongly for it. When I first started giving raw chicken to my baby puggle (Jubilee) at 10 weeks, everything was great- she had hard non-stinky stool and was very, very happy. After two weeks I wanted to feed her something different to balance her diet so I began to feed her canned sardines in tomato sauce. I knew it wasn't raw, but I read so many forums online that dog owners who feed raw also feed canned sardines- so I decided to feed her that. The same day she vomitted and it was very dark brown along with massive diarrhea that was very dark brown as well. I freaked out and discovered online that pumpkin helps with diarrhea. I fed that to her and she was fine for a couple of days. That was when I knew to never feed her sardines in a can ever again. After I was thinking everything was fine, I went back to feeding her raw chicken. But just yesterday, she vomitted again a few times- first time it was dark brown again and the second time after it was this clear and yellow vomit. She also had diarrhea but this time it looked like her vomit (clear with a little bit of a yellow color) with a terrible, terrible stench. So it's been one week since I fed her the canned sardines but now her stomach is being all weird again. Iím pretty sure itís the canned sardines that I fed her, but I also wanted to mention that she eats her own stool. The only time she doesnít is when she just released her bowels and I run to clean it up so she wonít get the chance. But when Iím at work, she has the opportunity.

Iím pretty sure it was the sardines not Jubilee eating her own stool- or it could be the combination? Why does she still have diarrhea and why does she keep vomitting? Perhaps the sardines haven't completely cleared from her stomach?

I would truly, truly appreciate your help. Thank you so much for your advice and kindness in advance.


September 15th, 2008, 12:14 PM
Well, typically when a dog has a digestive problem I'll fast them for 12-24 hours, offering water (or homemade broth) and pedialyte (I'm probably spelling that wrong) with slipper elm. After that I re-introduce bland food (I use raw chicken, w/o bones, a bit of ground eggshell and steamed yams) in small portions several times a day, continuing with the slippery elm.

If all is well after about 48 hours, I'll go back to regular feeding, though tend to stay away from too much variety for a few days. If, however, there is continued vomiting, no improvement or lethargy, off to the vet we go.

Personally, I would be a bit more concerned because of your dog's age and the lack of improvement over a week.

A few questions. When you say you're feeding "chicken" what does that mean specifically?

Also, I know many people who feed canned sardines, but never the type in a sauce, only those canned in water or oil. That may very well be the problem, rather than the fish itself.

Eating stool can also make dogs ill, and I would think more so if she's eating her own diarrhea.