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German Shorthaired Pointer

September 13th, 2008, 08:13 PM
I was just out for a walk with Molly and came across a GSP out walking and playing in the lake, no human to be seen with it! He followed us for a while, friendly fella, then went on his way. I hope he wasn't lost!? I wanted to dognap him! He was beautiful and I actually didn't know what breed he was so I came home and Googled dog breeds and figured it out, he was a liver spotted GSP.
Now I am really interested in the breed, they seem like a beautiful dog, very active and smart. Does anyone here have one or have experience with one? Just curious! ;)
heres an image for those of you who don't know what breed I am talking about. (I didn't take this pic, I wish I had my camera with me)

September 13th, 2008, 10:46 PM
They're great dogs--very high energy, high-prey-drive, though, so they need lots of exercise and mental stimulation...pointers as the name (and the picture) indicate...and I believe Smiley's Petey is a GSP. :D They're lovely dogs. I've never met a GSP I didn't have a crush on! :flirt:

September 14th, 2008, 12:02 AM
Yep, my Petey is a GSP! :) I didn't know the breed either until I got Petey four years ago, but have since fallen in love with the breed and have met many other local GSP owners. As Hazel said, they are very high energy dogs, but they have their couch potato moments as well. A fenced back yard and/or a LOT of exercise are a must for the breed, especially when younger. They can be so regal one moment and such a big clown the next. They are eternal puppies with such a wonder and exuberance for life. You can't help but smile when you're around them! Training is a definite must or else they will make your life miserable. They need direction and goals as they are very intelligent and get bored unless given purpose. Petey came to me as a rescue, abandoned for being gun-shy. It took a lot of training, but he's a wonderful dog now. I've never seen a GSP that's not good with kids as they make wonderful family pets. Old school belief sees them only as hunting dogs, but they are amazing family pets as well. Petey is a certified Couch Potato. :) He loves all people and especially kids and babies. Where he can be hyper and jumping around an adult, he's as careful and gentle and calm as can be around babies. They are bred to have soft mouths and it shows in a lot of their actions. They are mid-level shedders and are very easy to care for as they just need the occasional bath. So far, as they haven't gained the popularity of labs and other similar breeds, they have not been over bred and still have clean genetics. I love, love, love this breed!

Here's my Petey. He just turned five this summer. Here's a few videos of him as well. :)

If you search by my name, you'll find many pics of him. :)

September 14th, 2008, 08:25 AM
thanks for all the info! Sorry- I didn't realize Petey was a GSD (like I said I am just getting to know the breed) but I have been admiring him in your recent albums! ;)
They sound like a wonderful dog! Did you rescue Petey from a GSD breeder? I am thinking it may be the perfect breed for our second dog. DH wants a dog he can bring hunting with him and like Petey, Molly is gunshy.

September 14th, 2008, 09:46 AM
Great for flushing foul!
Many hunters here have GSP's for flushing and their Labs for retrieving. I'm sure a GSP would also retrieve ( prolly are supposed to) but Labs dont make for good flushers so I gather that is why they have both.
They are very stunning

September 15th, 2008, 09:19 PM
thanks for all the info! Sorry- I didn't realize Petey was a GSD (like I said I am just getting to know the breed) but I have been admiring him in your recent albums! ;)
They sound like a wonderful dog! Did you rescue Petey from a GSD breeder? I am thinking it may be the perfect breed for our second dog. DH wants a dog he can bring hunting with him and like Petey, Molly is gunshy.

Oh, I'm so sorry! I missed this until just now!

I actually found Petey on He was with an All-Breed Rescue, but there are a lot of GSP Rescues as well. All we knew of his background is that he was bought from a breeder as a hunting dog, but then abandoned when he failed hunting school for being gun shy. He was left at a shelter instead of returned to the breeder and the rescue pulled him. They only had him for about a week when I adopted him and he was a year old. The person that abandoned him did give vet records, so we had his DOB and such, but not the breeder name. I've never looked into it, but have always been curious. The white ticked GSP's aren't as common as the liver, so I can't imagine there are many local breeders with that line. I would guess a BYB perhaps though as no tatoos and no contract for return by the person that purchased him. (Unless the person ignored it??) But regardless, I've been told he has excellent lines and my vet said GSP's in general have very clean genetics and fewer health problems than other hunting breeds as they aren't over-breed. She calls them the "big secret" as so many aren't aware of just how amazing of a breed they are and how clean their genetics are in general. So whatever Petey's background, he's had excellent health so far thank goodness. Compared to my Boston Terrier who was a puppy mill rescue and has horrible genetics with really bad teeth and LP. She's already had to go through two surgeries. :sad: So having a breed with clean genetics, especially when dealing with rescue and a possibly unknown background, is really nice.

As a side note, I've worked with my trainer and Petey for four years now and he is no longer gun shy! They just gave up on him too fast! :sad: Good for me though as he's a spoilen rotten pup now! ;) I'm not a hunter, so he's not a hunting dog, but he has his CGC and we've had him around rifles and pistols with no problem (My dad is a hunter and my BIL a sniper in the army, so does a lot of practice shooting). He even stood right next to a canon that went off last summer and didn't even flinch. I was so proud! :) Petey is not a natural hunter by any stretch of the imagination though. He's friends with the bunnies in the backyard. :rolleyes: :laughing:

A great GSP forum for info is I'm not a member, but I lurk there often. :) Mostly hunters, but they have a lot of rescuers there as well that might be able to help you!

September 16th, 2008, 09:52 PM
thanks for all the info smiley! I will lurk at that forum too, even just to see some great pics! I will save this thread for a later date when DH is in a more "agreeable" mood haha. I brought it up with him already and he said that they are too big!! So maybe once we buy a house.

September 17th, 2008, 05:15 AM
Molly, doesn't surprise me that you came across one without an owner around. We had a German Shorthair Pointer for 17 years that was an escape artist, he even figured out how to get out of an airline crate lol. He was a puppy right up to the end and was always getting into mischief. If you ask my mother, she refused to have one ever again but my father and I think he was the best dog ever!

They are high energy that's for sure and they are very intelligent, we always say he was too smart for his own good. Dad got him for hunting, even though he didn't hunt alot, had to spend several months convincing the breeder he could handle the puppy before the breeder would agree to let dad have him. Lefty came home to us at 7 months old and was my best friend from the age of 4 until 21 when we sent him to the bridge. My younger brother and sister could climb all over him as babies and he wouldn't even budge or blink an eyelid. Dad never intended on showing him, but he came from champion bloodlines, his dad was the top shorthair in the 70's and was asked to show our dog. Lefty finished his champion in show, championed in obediance and field trials. He was perfect in whatever ring, competition you put him. Get him home and it was a totally different story. He jumped the fence (thank you obediance trials lol), stole roasts off the counter, would wait for my dad to drop the leash to practice sit/stay and once my dad hit about 10 feet, he was gone and in the field behind our house. He would point the budgie bird for hours lol. Dad loved him so much, he decided to get a female. He ended up rescuing one who had been severly abused and was always leery of men. It took 6 monthes before she would stop peeing in the corner everytime my dad walked in the room. Dad took Spice hunting a few times, but she had a love of porcupines and dad had to stop taking her. He did field trial her, but all she wanted to do was run with the horses instead of find the birds so he had to stop taking her to those too. We had her for about 8 years and then Spice fell in live with another lol. Dad had met a man who lived on a horse farm. Spice shocked my dad by taking to Tim instantly. Dad had never seen her do that before. We had no intention of ever giving her up, we loved her to much. Dad took out to Tim's farm often so she could run with the horses (more like follow along when Tim was out riding), this dog just loved to run. Finally, dad made the painful decision that Spice truly was happier at Tim's than she was with us. Dad couldn't take her hunting anymore and it broke his heart to she how sad she was when he would leave with Lefty. BUt she was in heaven out at the farm and Tim loved that dog more than my dad did if that was possible. So she spent her last few years out at Tim's and we visited her often, but I swear she was never really sad to see us leave lol.

I would get another one in a heartbeat but they broke the mold for me when they created Lefty. He was truly 1 of a kind lol. It was never a dull moment with him and he kept us on our toes for years!