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Cat with Asthma

September 10th, 2008, 11:09 AM
Hi- I'm new here. and feeling a little desparate. My cat has had mild asthma seasonally for his whole life. It recently flared up in May and has not improved yet. He has had blood work, x-rays, and has been on prednisolone off and on since May. We have tried theophylline, aminophylline, and are now using the Aerokat inhaler with 220 mg flovent (2x/day) and Albuterol as needed. All without a big improvement. He still does open-mouth breathing and coughs whenever he purrs. Mostly sleeps all day (the only time he is at peace with the breathing). Any ideas, anyone??????

September 10th, 2008, 08:56 PM
Has he been tested for heartworm? There was a new member recently who had a dog with similar symptoms that wasn't being helped by steroids--so they tried a different tack and found out the dog was positive for heartworms. :shrug:

Good luck with your kitty, Mullyman. :goodvibes:

And welcome to the board.

September 10th, 2008, 11:10 PM
Sorry to hear about your kitty's breathing difficulties. Have you given much thought to potential environmental triggers? You said it's typically been seasonal, but perhaps he's becoming increasingly sensitive to other things around him. For instance, where maybe it was just grass pollen that he was reacting to, now he's also having a problem with laundry detergent or air fresheners or floor cleaner.

What type of cat litter do you use? Clay or silica litters are a common asthma inducer. Doubly so if they're scented. If you haven't already, my suggestion would be to take a really hard look around the house and eliminate as much as possible all chemicals, perfumes, dust, etc. Cats are such finely tuned creatures and spending so much time so low to the ground makes them that much more susceptible to an overload of toxins.

Other than that, have you checked out Fritz the Brave (

September 11th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Thanks for your responses!

My cat, Mulligan, is on his 2nd month of treatment for heartworms-he wasn't tested but they told me to use the liquid preventative for 6 months (once a month for 6 months) to rule that out.

As far as environmental issues go- our house has been under renovation since November so we are living among quite a bit of dust.... I'm sure that has aggravated his condition. I'm going to have our ducts cleaned out.

I guess what I'm wondering is if I'm expecting too much of an improvement from the medications he is on...should I be happy with the fact that he can only breathe easily when he's sleeping?? The minute I look at him, he purrs and it triggers an episode. I miss my cat!!

I was thinking of taking him to the Ryan Hospital at U. of PA to a specialist...or do you think I'm at where they will put me anyway?

I did check out Fritz the Brave-it was comforting to know that other cats are experiencing the exact same issue (not comforting that they are suffering! but that I am not alone!)

September 11th, 2008, 10:23 AM
We have used veterinary teaching hospitals at universities in the past--always with good results. Even if they only confirm a diagnosis and treatment, at least you know that all that can be done is being done. The initial consultation fee is usually quite reasonable.