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Time to say hi again (long)

September 9th, 2008, 06:08 PM
Hi folks,

I haven’t posted much in quite awhile, just an “lol” or a “how cute” or an occasional “so sorry”, so I thought it was time to write and catch up.

First, the Quads,felines 1 ½, are doing very well, all such big cats now. They range from 13-15lbs…..ugh! lol! They are a much calmer than in the past but still manage to get into just about everything. Their new favorite toy is a laser light, and we usually play with them when the dogs go out just before bedtime…..they love it!

Spaz, feline 7, one of the outdoor cats we sheltered, stopped coming home July 23. :( We looked all over for him, but have no idea what happened to him. It was so sad, he’d hung out here since 2000-2001, he is so missed. All the neighbors that he visited during the day miss him. He was fixed, had all his shots, but we sometimes wonder if his “fix” didn’t really work and he might have fathered the quads. Andy particularly looks like him in size and in his almost all white color.

Simon, canine 3 ½, is doing well, just still such a barker – he spends 5 minutes in time-out almost every other day.

Delaney, canine 9, had a slight urinary tract infection that made her need to pee often. The infection is over but the habit kind of set in - to want to go more often during the night. Sometimes she wakes one of us up, but other times not. Fortunately she goes in the kitchen on the tiled floor. We put down paper and puppy training pads to help with the cleanup. We are not sure that Rudy isn’t one of the contributors from time to time.

Cody, feline 17, has to take pills for hypothyroidism (sp?) but he is ok with that if he gets them in pill pockets! What a great invention. He also had some lumps taken off various spots on his back and sides and they were tested, but came back benign. Whew! He did so good during all that, even when they took the stitches out.

Rudy, canine 12 ½, is aging faster than I would like. He has been taking Denosyl and Marin for his liver for this entire year. It is staying level with the meds. We had such a hot summer that all the animals had more fleas – hard to keep up even with flea treatment. Rudy’s legs were almost completely bare from digging and scratching. His tail really looked like a lion’s tail – puff on the end. Fortunately the Frontline and the somewhat cooler, wetter weather is helping, and his hair is coming back slowly. I hope it will fill in before it gets cold! I can’t imagine him wearing a sweater or leggings.

His arthritis is getting worse, he has a hard time getting up and down most days. His poor little legs just shake. But still, when he goes out in the dog lot, he acts so happy and puppy-like running and barking at folks walking or stray dogs. We thought about building a ramp at the back door, but decided to make a larger “stoop” that is easier for him to get up on.

As for a personal note, I had a scare in June thinking I would need surgery to remove a cyst on my ovary, fortunately, it shrunk and no surgery was required. My sister had the same diagnosis and did have to have surgery, all turned out well, and she is still healing, but doing well.

Last, Harley and Huxley (felines, 7), Grayson (feline –approx 9) and Holly (feline, 2) are all doing well.

So despite the vet bills and Wellness food costs for all these guys – we are doing well. LOL!

I think that is enough news…..

September 9th, 2008, 07:24 PM
That's a lot of updates Diane :laughing: I'm glad most of them are doing ok :thumbs up

September 9th, 2008, 07:31 PM
Yes, I know, sorry. Just had posted in a while.

Thanks for responding, Frenchy.


September 9th, 2008, 07:44 PM
Yes, I know, sorry.

Don't be sorry !!! I'm the one having a hard time registering what I'm reading lately :D

oh and I'm glad you didn't need surgery ! :goodvibes:

And I know about watching our dogs get old. :sad:

September 9th, 2008, 07:46 PM
Welcome back dmc! I have missed the adventures of the quads!
It's good to hear most are doing well. I am so sorry for the disappearance of Spaz. I know how I would feel if I lost my Spaz. :sad:
That personal note was pretty scary, huh? Not a good thing to deal with at any time.
Welcome back. Stick around this time. ;):grouphug:

September 9th, 2008, 08:09 PM
Thanks 14+kitties for the comments,

I haven't been far away, I check almost daily, just not a big poster.... :)


September 9th, 2008, 11:43 PM
Glad to hear for the most part things are going as well as can be expected--and better, in the case of your cyst! Sad about Spaz, though. :sad: And it's so hard to watch our babies get old. :sad:

Boy do I hear ya about the vet bills! :rolleyes:

By the bye...the soda bottle protectors I made according to your plans are still working to keep Brier from eating the toilet paper! :thumbs up :laughing:

September 10th, 2008, 08:40 AM
Thanks Hazel, I sure wish the soda bottle protectors had worked at my house :) At least they helped you :)