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VetInsurance Clients - Who has received

September 4th, 2008, 04:02 PM
letter re new fee policy? I received it today and have to pick the deductible. I did call the company because I am very annoyed that hip dysplasia coverage is now being offered to NEW clients only - apparently the company did a survery of what they needed to offer to become more competitive - and asked if they would be offering the coverage to existing clients whose dogs have not exhibited any symptoms to date of dysplasia - and who have only had one $300 claim over a nearly 4 year period and that was 3 years ago. I do understand that you get what you sign up for, but based on my past experience with pet insurance companies (when only deluxe plans were available and they paid for zip after we paid $6,000 in premiums and our dogs required $6,000 in surgery - and we were talking paralysis here - I was very nervous when I learned about VetInsurance because hip dysplasia was not covered and while my guy at 22 lbs. probably won't get it - more likely to suffer from cruciate or patellar, the point was that I was terrified of it happening based on the experiences I had with my Dachshunds. The awful thing is is that VetInsurance covers Dachshund disc disease, but the plan had not yet come out when we adopted our last Dachshund. I think I am going to go with the $100 deductible and note that the deductible one chooses is the amount that you must pay with respect to any ONE loss related to a condition - so if you pick the $1,000 deductible, hopefully you won't have your pet develop patellar one day and break a leg the next. If we went with the $1,000 deductible, it would take 2 years plus a few months to save the difference between the premium to be charged with the $1,000 deductible and our new monthly payment. A lot could happen in 2 years - so definitely a gamble should we go with setting up a savings account. I have no doubt that our little devil would break his leg the day after this new policy comes into effect. Our premiums have gone up 51% since we signed up and we are still in the age category of 1 - 3 years so not particularly happy, but not about to start again with another company and I do prefer the method of claims with a lifetime limit of $20,000. If I still had Dachshunds I would save all coverage for back/neck and pay for anything myself that would be covered. The new plan will not require payment of the initial $25 per day cost of hospital boarding at the vets. Let's hope that they keep pets at the vet's longer than they keep people. I asked today - cruciate ligament surgery - maybe 3 days; broken leg - a day and a half. I am annoyed about this, and probably more so due to my husband's upcoming eye surgery and the fact that he has to come home same day and then go back next day in a face down position wearing a special neck device or the surgery will be for naught - and then continue that practice for a minimum of 7 days. We have had to rent considerable rehab equipment - his company policy will not pay for it; it would not pay for his expensive tests with the super eye surgeon nor would it pay for his mouthguard. The fellow at his insurance company told me that for people with family coverage we have very few claims - gee, I wonder why that would be??!! The really sad thing is that I am going to have to board our dog during the week that my husband will be in face down position because when in bed his head will be hanging from the end of the bed on a special pillow - and whether it be a dog or a kid, you can bet Daddy would be getting a "head hug" and that would result in the loss of his vision. If they kept my husband in the hospital for 4 days, VetInsurance would pay up to $500 to board our dog - see, can't even win this way. Anyway, I am venting and wanted to see what others are going to do.