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What do you look for in a groomer

September 4th, 2008, 03:13 PM
So I had Peanut at a new groomer today that's a thread in its self. Let me start by saying he was the first appointment of the day as the doors were still locked when I got there. The groomer was nice the shop however was not very clean hair all over I should have ran:shrug: She was recommended so I figured give it a chance ,never know maybe she had to leave quickly and couldn't clean up last night. I go to pick Peanut up pay she brings him out :eek: he looks the same as when I do him myself I did say Bichon cut ,I got shaved. Well that taught me I get what I pay for. Poor Peanut has no hair:sad:
The groomer I used before made him look like he was stepping into the show ring. He is so far away, but I guess I'll stick with him. I would rather dish out extra and bring home a beautiful dog. Sugar will need a good grooming when the stitch are out, she will be going to him.

List what you look for in a good groomer. It might help others avoid what I got today.