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September 3rd, 2008, 11:06 AM
Hi I'm Pat and I haven't been on in a long time. My girl Sadie is now almost 5 and just had surgery. She tore her left front foreclaw very badly. It was previously damaged 3 years ago when she was hit by a truck going 80km in a 30km zone! It healed but the nail always had quite a hook in it. After 10 days of watching, keeping her from licking and bandaging, the nail had died. It had torn away from the nail bed. Our vet tried to trim it back but it had split longitudinally, she had both foreclaws removed yesterday. Felt so bad about it, but the one that was damaged was getting infected and just wouldn't heal the way it was. We built a chain link fence and feel she may have caught that claw on the fence.

We finally got her bladder problem controlled. She had crystals in her urine and her ph was way to basic, 8. Now she is on Hill's cd and it seems to be controlling the ph. We used canned, she also won't drink anything but rain water, well water, or brita water, not our tap water. SHe is drinking again, and the canned food has a lot more water. SHe started to drink when a friend looked after her who is on well water. Just hopes this helps someone else who suffered the same dillemma of a dog that had urinary problems.