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Weiner Dog Seperation Anxiety-Please Help

September 2nd, 2008, 11:38 PM
Hi There,
My Daschie has brutal seperation anxiety!!! He is fully house trained when we are home or at someone elses home, but when left alone he leaves little presents in the forms of tootsie rolls or a little Pee Spot. Even if he has just relieved himself!!! He gets very anxious when we leave either the house or car. He even gets anxious when someone that is not in the family leaves the car. Thanks for anyone that may offer help!!!!!!!

September 3rd, 2008, 05:28 PM
My Pit Lab cross was terrible for this one, her form of venting was to chew everything apart in the house. I lost an entire shoe wardrobe because of her last year. I had to crate train her or I would have lost my sanity. The crate eventually became a comfort to her and she felt confident when we left if I made sure I put her in there. I will warn you though the first week of crating was torture for me and the dog. It was nuts but, frankly worth it. If you get a crate just big enough for the dog to lie down in then the chances of finding any messes in it is minimal. It may seem like you are being mean at first but, really the dog does learn to view this as a comfort place. Daschies aren't very big so a crate would easily fit in a vehicle. my small dog travels this way and flips out with excitement when we go for a car ride. It's really the only thing I could have done for my big dog when she suffered from separation anxiety. hope this helps.

September 3rd, 2008, 06:29 PM
How long have you had your Dachsund? Was your pup a rescue??

September 3rd, 2008, 11:08 PM
He wasnt a rescue per se, My fiance found him on craigs list and fell in love with him without doing the homework. We were told he was from a breeder, but we found out he was from a pet store. He is 15months. I would say he is fairly well trained other than the treats he leaves on the carpet. We tried the crate for weeks, but he would escape (he is an escape artist), pee in it or have bleeding paws from trying to get out or all 3! After being to a pet store, I can understand some of his behaviour problems.
He doesnt destroy anything or chew, just the pee or poo on the carpet.
Thanks for any suggestions in advance!!!

September 4th, 2008, 09:01 AM
If your Dachshund is new to your household it may take awhile for confidence to set in. My guys were all rescues - and even the 2 very bossy Alphas - who had been bounced around the most - always had a problem when leaving the house for a walk. They realized they were the lights of my life, but throughout their lives they were hesitant to leave in case they didn't come back - but boy could they get home fast. We initially had problems with them wetting when we came home as they stood up against us - had to hold garbage bags over our legs - small bladders plus the sheer joy and relief of our returning. Funny thing is is that the other 3 minis - all with moderate temperaments - did not do this - just the 2 Alphas (I really love the Alpha Dachshunds). You are lucky in that your pup doesn't destroy things. Each o ours had his own speciality - one was leather; another silky things; another bedding. One day I did an experiment when we had 4 Dachshunds at one time - and after each had gone after their respective favourite item, they gave it up and went on to their normal pursuits. They eventually outgrew this thankfully. As far as leaving the house, they weren't happy about it, but any accidents they had - on purpose or otherwise, were usually because we were later than expected coming home or their tiny bladders just couldn't hold it - and in one case, our guy had 4 bladder stones that were adopted with him and removed during the major back/neck surgery. His bladder was definitely weaker after that. And just like people sometimes they have to "go" more. Re the SA when someone leaves the car - other than a family member - I have been wondering if said someone is a favourite as Dachshunds do have their special people. In my case, my guys all loved Mommy and Daddy, but they were Mommy's boys for sure. I really didn't know a lot about SA then, but now that I have an American Eskimo, boy do I know all about it now. It came as a heck of a shock and my Eskie has very big teeth and is destructive. He is now 4 1/2 and as much a puppy as he was at 13 weeks - getting less destructive, but still! He also has crate terrors thanks to the BYB. I think you may just have to give it time and see how things work out. My last Dachshund died April 15, 2004, 10 months to the day of his back surgery - he was 7 months and 2 weeks old. He was our second Alpha - the first one died 9 years after the same surgery. From what I have seen of Dachshunds of late, they are becoming more skittish and nervous temperament wise. After the horrors of the surgeries I was afraid and did not get another Dachshund, but think of my guys every day and actually go into PetSmart etc. for my Dachshund fix - usually I can find someone with one. I went to a Toronto dog show 2 years ago and found a whole group of them at a meet-up - and the people were all discussing their nervous temperaments and food sensitivities - and most of these dogs were in their first homes. My vet told me that the younger Dachshunds coming in these days were not Alphas as mine were (and mine lived at the clinic while searching for new homes, so she was well aware of the little supervisors!) - even those that people think are Alpha are more moderate in temperament. As for stomach issues - heck my guys had stomachs of iron - and were the gourmets of gourmands - but amazingly I kept their weight under control - despite their ability to push a chair to the counter and swing up to open a cupboard - and this after surgery?? Determination. I really think that you are going to just have to give it time and if push comes to shove, designate a room for your pup with a window. I hope everything works out for you. Oh, and re the car, if you leave your pup alone in the car even for 2 minutes don't be surprised to find him straddling the neck rests when you come out to provide a better view - and cause your heart to stop in case puppy falls! Or stepping on to a window ledge from the couch and then getting ready to step over to next window ledge. Be still my heart.

September 4th, 2008, 11:38 AM
chomper- I really think you should give the crate another try. It really is a life (and carpet!) saver. Sure, your dog won't like it right away, but if you keep luring him in there with special treats, and staying close by for the first while so he can get used to it and not associate it with you leaving. It definitely would cut down on the pooping and peeing problems. Its not easy at first, but if you find a good crate, theres no way he could get out of it. It just takes some determination.

September 4th, 2008, 10:42 PM
Thanks for the advice guys.
My guy does sit on the ledge of my truck and watch me at work.
Ive tried 3 different crates, the one he could not get out of would end
up having the most blood from his paws. We've tried all of your suggestions,
and we would only feed him out of it and he was fine for the 5second duration it took him to eat, then he would go nuts again.
The good thing is: he is not destructive and we are renters so the only loser
is the carpet....and my landlords (who are awesome and are ok with it)
Thanks again, this is all great to hear.