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New to the Forum

September 2nd, 2008, 10:47 PM
HI Everyone!

Let me start by saying... I have learned ALOT! from reading posts & am happy to be here.

I (We) recently got a Golden retriever Puppy Diamond is 10wks. Not something we were expecting to get.. A lil Background.

my hubby & I had been together for about 2yrs myself and my kids)

We got our selves a puppy back then. 8 yrs ago.. "Duke" Lab/Rotti Miix

unfortunately.. Duke in his older yrs develeloped allergies MAJOR ones.. from everything from House flys to cotten. lamb & rice,Chicken etc etc. (he was missing hair from shoulders back + on meds for overactive thyroid)

he was a wonderful companion & Loyal to the family.. On Aug 16 he got out off of backyard.. & has been missing ever since.. I havent given up.. but no one seen/heard/or there has been no signs off him anywhere.. pounds/vets/ flyers etc. *sigh.


So to fill my companion need during day (I work from home) We got a puppy.

Now from what Is the story is that the mom was dumped off @ side off road.. pregnant.. The family took her in. She gave birth pretty well within 2 days off being settled. (They actually Breed labs & that is what we had orginally gone to get) She & her brother were in the kennal with about 6other labs while the labs were crying/barking craving attention, Her & her bro were sitting there looking at us with the sweetest eyes. I picked her up & she licked my face.

needles to say.. She has been a great edition to family but I still pray/hope for Duke.. he will also be happy for a playmate...

Training that I will leave for another thread... <<bangs head against wall>>

First Pic is Diamond

2nd is Duke last winter


September 2nd, 2008, 11:02 PM
Welcome to the board! Diamond is a cutie! So sorry to hear about Duke and I will be sending prayers up that he is found soon. I'm a new mommy too, with a 9-week old german shephard pup, so I'm starting all over too. Don't bang your head against the wall too hard :laughing:, just keep telling yourself that the potty training will come with time...just be consistent and persistent. Remember, their bladders are still little too. Take pup out after she wakes up, after she eats, after she has a play session. Watch her body language, I know you'll pick up on it quickly. And again, congrats!