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Yucky Gas

September 2nd, 2008, 05:33 PM
ok. I couldn't think of a more describable title without explaining! sorry!

Anyway, Albert eats a mix of raw/homecooked diet. Has been for 10 months now. His treats consist of a raw veggie or fruit, or a super high quality treat from my local doggie health store, and I'm super picky on those.

Anyway, last night we wer doing some end of summer cleaning and Albert was particularly clingy and needy. Would just not let us move around, we almost tripped over him several times. I didn't want to lock him in a room and he isn't a dog that plays with toys. I found a leftover Purina Chewie from my fostering days. Back when he was healthy and fed normal kibble...this was an occasional treat. Not the best for him I know...but he loved them.

He hasn't touched one in close to a year. I gave it to him mainly to keep him out of our hair..and he sure stayed away for over 45 minutes enjoying his treat.

I was rewarded the entire night with the most awful gas. :yuck:I am so used to a 'gasless' dog now with the homecooking that I had forgotten all about it! :headslap:

Did you guys notice that smelly gas went away when switching? Can it be that his introduction to a processed treat upset his system?

He is fine of course, eating, pooping totally normal. And of course he slept thorugh his entire, umm, symphony! :D

Just wondering from the more veteran home feeders if it's possible your dog gets so used to the good stuff, that they can't handle the 'crap' anymore.

oh and of course..i do not intend on giving him any more of those ever again!! besides the discomfort for me, it is so bad for him anyway!


September 2nd, 2008, 09:23 PM
Just wondering from the more veteran home feeders if it's possible your dog gets so used to the good stuff, that they can't handle the 'crap' anymore.

I don't feed raw or homecooked, but have even noticed this problem after several months on very good kibbles (Wellness and now Orijen). If someone even tries to give Chase a milkbone I have to stop them, because it completely screws up his stomach and he gets gas and the runs. I've found now that his diet is good quality, his treats need to be too! I only feed high-quality, all-natural treats now, and carrots, broccoli and apples are now his favorite snacks!

September 7th, 2008, 10:18 PM
Mack had the worst gas before he was switched to raw. After a few days on raw the gas was gone. Since then he has rarely had any gas and it is usually after the grandkids have left and he has cleaned up the floor of whatever they dropped. But it has been so rare. Before you would have to leave the room it was so bad....Eileen

October 26th, 2008, 01:46 PM
Sorry I know this post is kinda old (I am brand new here as of yesterday) but I wanted to chime in:)

We have 3 boxers and if you want to talk about "clearing a room" with gas!!! whoohoo sometimes its so bad that even they leave the room!

I am a huge advocate of raw feeding. We have been feeding raw for over 5 years now and my dogs are thriving. I find the thing that really helps with gas is plain yogurt. Just a couple of teaspoons in with their food. That should help you :pawprint: