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Dog Barking

September 2nd, 2008, 07:23 AM
My black lab is a constant barker, anything that breathes and she barks at it. I am getting really frustrated with her. Can someone PLEASE help me to get her to stop it? I don't know if I should invest in one of those collars or what.

September 5th, 2008, 06:01 AM
Hi Brika,

In the obedience training I learned for barking dogs, you'd need to have your lab on a leash or close to you most of the time, but their suggestion was to put your hand on the top of her muzzle and push down toward his/her chest, saying "NO BARK" like you mean it. This would be suggestion #1.

There also is a collar that you can purchase that sprays citronella in the dogs face whenever it barks. They do learn not to bark with this collar, a friend of mine used this for a Min Pin she has and effectively stopped the barking.

The next strongest solution would be the collar that shocks the dog when it barks. I'm not a strong proponent of these collars, but when nothing else works....these seem to. We had a dog that nothing seemed to work on and were able to rent one of these collars for awhile. You might check with some pet stores in your area, you may be able to "rent" the collar just to see if it works.
In our case, the dog did not bark while she had it on.....she did, however, figure out how to make a little noise in her throat, which was a huge improvement over the barking....but when the collar came off at night...she would bark. The link below will show you all of the varieties of these collars. Just as an example.

Apparently, there are other types of barking correction devices that are supposed to work within 50 ft of the dog and emit a noise that irritates dogs, but I have no idea if they actually do what they promise.

So good luck which ever direction you take with this.


Gail P
September 5th, 2008, 09:35 AM
I have heard of a type of muzzle that is supposed to stop barking yet still allow the dog to drink etc. It's called the Husher and the people who developed it did so because they had several german shepherds that new neighbours complained about. I believe that the owners were facing having the get rid of the dogs or move so they became creative and came up with the Husher. Apparently it works well and is endorsed by vets and humane societies. I've been on their website and read up on them, the idea is that they have strong elastic side panels so the dogs can open their mouth (to eat, drink, pant etc.), but it becomes very tiring for them to continually to bark. They say that they may let out a few barks but then their jaws tire and the barking stops. Haven't tried them myself but the literature on them looks good. I can't remember the website but you could probably find it if you do a search.