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July 16th, 2004, 01:27 PM
Some people make me SOOOO MAD!!! :mad:

If you can believe this one - I was walking Oliver yesterday when a little mixed breed dog comes romping over. All is fine, Oliver likes other dogs, which is lucky for the owner since she did not seem to care who her dog talked to but that is another story.... Little dog starts to follow us, so I walk Oliver back over to where she is to "drop off" her dog. Okay, so everything is fine up to this point.

Here is the kicker:

She asks - "Is that a male".
I reply - "Yes"
She then asks - "Is he neutered?"
I reply - "No" (and I have explained the story here why before)

Oh yes, you have guessed the next question - "Do you want to breed him???"


Right over her head and then she says something along the lines of - "Oh, she is just so smart and I want a good looking male to breed her to. I want to give a puppies to my grandchildren..."

I was so out of sorts, I just had to leave before I lost it on her!!!

Alright, venting done!


July 16th, 2004, 02:46 PM
Den-Den has a webpage on I actually have had four Den-Den's over the last 38 years. Long story. Each Den-Den has his own webpage and they are linked together. Other pet owners can send an email requesting their dog be linked to the page as a "Pup-Pal". If you agree, both sites are linked. I got a request to be a Pup-Pal about a month ago, but the personal message attached was a request for me to email them privately because Den-Den 3 was sooo pretty and they wanted a mate for their female because the pups would be sooooooooo beautiful! I sent a response letting them know that, as was stated on the site (hello?), Den-Den 3 died at 18 yrs and that both Den-Den 3 & 4 were neutered at 7 months. Then I asked them to reconsider breeding their female for all the reasons we discuss on this board. Never got a response!

Kind of a double-sided compliment, huh? On the one hand, they luuuuuvvv our dogs. On the other, they think we would actually do that! :(