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Back to school tips.

August 31st, 2008, 02:27 PM
Well, Ive had my dog for a month now, she is Just over 4 months old, and is going to have to be left home alone while im in school. We have a large dog crate for her (we got it for free because somebody used it for wild baby rabbits who;s mother was killed, so she took them in and released them now she has no use for the crate so she gave it to us!) It a wire one so she can see stuff better. Shes not really crate trained. She still whines while in her crate (We are currently using a small cat carrying crate, its plenty of big for her but we want her to be more comfy in a large one) She doesnt sleep in her crate, She sleeps with me. She uses her crate for when we go in car (we strap her crate in with a seatbelt to insure her safety) She whines A little at first but calms down within like 30 seconds - 1 minute so shes kinda used to her crate, We also have been leaving her at home for an hour or so each night for the last week ,while we go out for a ride or some icecream, just so shes not as heartbroken when i go back to school. Wednesday I start school, and will Be the first day She hasnt been with me for more than 2 hours , Luckaly, she has a vet appointment for her rabies shot and some other needles and a checkup, so she wont be totally alone. ( My mom took the day off work to bring her in and stuff, its a 2 hour drive to the vet, there is one in town but we'd rather bring her to the best vet in NFLD) .

Okay, getting to the point, What can I do to make her feel better while in her crate? Its big enough to keep her Water bowl in and I can put her bed in it. She doesnt like her Kong AT ALL. She hates it and has absolutely no interest in it(Even when its filled with peanut butter and frozen!:eek: ( I know, I have a weaird dog!:rolleyes:) Anything i can do for her?

September 1st, 2008, 12:35 PM
My dog King is a yorkie-poo/king-shih stzu alittle over 4 months as well, he dosen't like his crate at all but found if I put a shirt in there with sent on it helps him.....

September 1st, 2008, 12:36 PM
sorry it should read with my scent on it.......