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just a little rant

August 31st, 2008, 05:12 AM
I haven`t been here in forever, things are mostly ok with us & our pets, but we just had an incident I need to rant about to people who will understand.

Last week the kids found a puppy walking down the road. A beautiful brindle guy, he looks like a miniature Dane, but likely a German shepard/pitty mix, about 3-4 months old we guessed. He had a thin rope, looked like the rope from a flexi lead tied to his collar. The only tag he had was a microchip tag. So we called the number on that, no answer or message at that number. The microchip place wouldn`t give us any owner info, but did tell us the puppy`s name. I didn`t want to call animal control since it looked like we might find the owner. He spent the night with us, very well-mannered, & mostly housetrained, very sweet little fellow.

The next day, still no luck with the microchip place. I called animal control to see if they could get owner info for us & got an address. In the meantime, the APL shelter called us back, he had been adopted through them, so they had more info on the owner. They had been able to reach him at work & he was supposed to pick the puppy up from them that evening. So amidst many tears & grief from my daughter, we took him over there.

I called a couple days later to check that everything had gone well, but he`d never been picked up! They weren`t able to reach the owner again, so unless he showed up today, Hershey will be put up for adoption again. My kids are just heartbroken. They really got attached to him & my daughter swears she`ll never ask for another thing if we will just bring him back here.

My spouse is adament that we aren`t getting another dog, we really don`t need another, Lola is plenty for us, but I don`t have any strong feelings against it. The shelter lady tried to talk me into it, and I`d love to, just to make my daughter happy, but I just don`t see it happening. I am going to call tomorrow and offer to keep him as a foster if they want, but he`s such a sweet little guy I doubt he will go long without someone snatching him up.

I just feel heart-sick. I wanted to do the right thing & get him back to his home, but if they don`t want him, he deserves another. I just wish it would have worked out the way it was supposed to.

August 31st, 2008, 05:19 AM
you did your best, we also found a dog, different scenario mind you, this one was starved, abandoned etc, I'd have loved to have kept her but we have one dog already and I run a daycare for the city, besides (and this you should tell your daughter) if we had adopted this one ourselves, then I wouldnt' have been able to take in any other rescues to help, which we have twice since then.....for what its worth, yes, you did the right thing and the pup will be snatched up into a loving home.