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Grrrrrr.......some people!

August 29th, 2008, 08:17 AM
Okay, this is what happened to me yesterday. Me and hubby en-route to city for a couple appointments. Driving along busy highway....we notice two loose doggies right at the side of the road. We pull right over, and two other cars do...disregarding the very busy traffic whizzing by us, semis and trucks etc. We manage to wrangle the muddy and wet black lab into the back of my pickup truck, but the other dog was petrified and took off across the highway into a distant subdivision.

Sweet black lab is in the box of my truck, I'm covered with muck...and we call the number on the dogs city license tag. They only give us the phone number of the registered my hubby calls the number on his cell phone....of course noone is home, so he leaves a message to call him, we have their dog, and will probably be taking it to the city pound where they can claim her.

We secure poor girl (young dog....that must have had pups recently due to her swollen teats :wall:) safely in the back so she cannot jump or do anything silly, and drive way out of our way....getting lost in the process, to the pound. Now we are really late of course....but what are you supposed to do? Pound people are super nice... even ask us if they don't claim her if we would want her.......:eek: omg, I have 5 dogs! No thank-you....(BUT I did think about it.........:rolleyes:)

ANYWAYS..........later that day, owner returns my hubbies call, and was angry at us for taking her to the city pound, because she now had to pay $150 to get her out! :wall: Obviously her girl was unaltered, because the fee was that much.

Hubby is always VERY generous with expletives and let her know what he thought about that. :D

She is lucky her dog is alive....but unfortunately, I have a feeling that this person doesn't care. I'm just truly disgusted, and sad for the dog. :sad:

August 29th, 2008, 08:41 AM
Hubby is always VERY generous with expletives and let her know what he thought about that. :D

That would have been me, too, if I was on the phone with that jack-ss.
Poor thing. Thanks for caring enough to help her!

August 29th, 2008, 09:09 AM
First thank you to you and your hubby for stopping and taking the pupster off the roadways. :thumbs up A double :thumbs up to your hubby for telling her off. Unfortunately, she probably still thinks you were wrong. :wall::wall: :eek:

You did the right thing and maybe they won't go get her and someone else will adopt her. You can only wish :shrug:

August 29th, 2008, 11:19 AM
later that day, owner returns my hubbies call, and was angry at us for taking her to the city pound, because she now had to pay $150 to get her out! :wall:

omg I would not have been polite with her ! After you guys stopped on a dangerous highway to get HER dog !!! :wall:

Ford Girl
August 29th, 2008, 11:38 AM
wonder if the other dog was hers too? did she mention that other one?

thanks for being so kind, alot of people are not!!

August 29th, 2008, 12:43 PM
thanks for being so kind to stop and pick her up, i hope the other pup is ok :sad::fingerscr i just cant believe some pepole, they ae just so rude!

Dog Dancer
August 29th, 2008, 12:58 PM
More chlorine for the gene pool please! Some people are soooo .... I'll stop before I go the route your husband did. He was right to tell her off. Bless you for trying to help them both, at least you know one was safe if nothing else. Serves them right for having to pay a large fine to get her back. I'm surprised she had tags on actually. I'm always afraid to stop and try to help dogs on busy roads because I'm afraid they will dart into traffic and I'll be the cause of them getting hit. Lucky the other one went into a subdivision.

August 29th, 2008, 07:42 PM
We did mention to the animal control office that we were unable to catch the other dog, and let them know where it was headed. It was dragging a chain, and like I mentioned, was very I think he would be very difficult to catch as he wanted nothing to do with us.

I am surprised she had a tag actually too. After I thought about it the city the fine is $250 for an unlicensed and unaltered dog. I figure that since she was obviously intact, the owners probably figured that it was cheaper to license the dog, than spay her. She still got dinged for $150 though.....IF she picked her up at all.

And...thank-you for all the acknowledgements, but I know that everyone on this forum would have done the same thing. I am very sure that helping a dog in distress would come second nature to everyone on this board, and there isn't anyone that would do otherwise. :thankyou:

August 30th, 2008, 04:25 AM
Thank you for stopping and doing what you could for these dogs. I'm glad you were able to at least catch one of them, and hopefully animal control will find the other.
A couple years ago, hubby and I stopped along the highway to catch a couple of dogs, one was a female Rotti and the other was a Staff. There was a cruiser on the side of the road, and when we stopped and lifted the liftgate to our Jeep he got out of his car and asked if they were our dogs. We told him no, but we wanted to help. He told us he tried for 5 minutes to catch them, but it was no use:rolleyes:

It took hubby and I, about three minutes to catch and calm the dogs. I went for the Rotti he went for the Staff. I originally went for the Staff but he showed aggression towards me and when my hubby went for him he didn't.
We sat on the muddy ground in the rain with the dogs, no tags, no tats. The RCMP officer, couldn't believe we caught them so easily. He was probably frantic which is why they wouldn't go to him. I always have leashes in the back of my vehicle, so we leashed them and stayed with them until animal control arrived about 1/2 hour later.
The officer didn't exactly thank us for our help, he felt it was "stupid" for us to risk getting hurt by these dogs. When I explained that both my hubby and I are experienced dog handlers he just rolled his eyes. The animal control officer was rather snide towards us, and was ticked off when we requested our leashes back.
I asked her if we could give her our information so they could call us if the dogs weren't claimed, and she said she was transferring them to another animal control in another district, and if we were interested in them we could call there, yet she wouldn't tell us which animal control with which district:frustrated: She kept saying she didn't know, whichever one had room she said. :frustrated:
I don't know whatever happened with them, but I hope and pray they were cleaned up and adopted out to good homes.