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Being Eco-Friendly with Cat Litter

August 28th, 2008, 03:11 PM
Hello all! I'm curious what methods you take to get rid of your cat litter to make less of an impact on the environment. Currently, I use Arm&Hammer litter which can't be flushed and I'll admit it...I put the clumps in old grocery bags. Not eco-friendly at all!

How do YOU dispose of cat litter? Are there ways to make less of an impact? I don't want to just put the litter in my trash can since it will stink. I'm interested in what you all have to say!

August 28th, 2008, 04:17 PM
Well for starters, I'd recommend changing litters to something more environmental than clay. There's an article here ( and here ( called "The Environmental Impact of Pets" that has some good suggestions and alternatives.

Disposing of used cat litter is only half the problem. The other half is figuring out what to use as litter in the first place. Clay-based cat litters are not a by-product of the manufacture of something else, but produced by strip mining. The clay, known as bentonite, is found under several layers of soil, which are removed in the mining process. The first few inches of clay are discarded, and the final clay is removed and processed into cat litter. When it comes to "green" products, you don't get much less green than that.

If your plumbing system can't handle flushable cat litter, or your cat is T. gondii positive, goes outdoors, eats raw meat, or doesn't like flushable cat litter, the next-best option is to use a degradable recycled litter and dispose of it in the trash in a degradable container such as a paper bag. Litters are available made from post-consumer newspaper, as well as degradable plant materials such as wheat, corn, and cellulose.

August 28th, 2008, 08:17 PM
Some areas now are taking cat litter as recycle in the green bins. Not sure if that includes the clay though.

August 28th, 2008, 08:20 PM
I use a clumping pine litter and flush it. It is a great product :thumbs up.

August 28th, 2008, 08:55 PM
I use pine pellets. It's great - absolutely zero ammonia smell! We put the poop into biodegradable bags and throw it out in the trash. We dump the pellets about once a week (two kittens). I've been reading that we should avoid flushing it in case the kitty has toxoplasmosis. The waste could contaminant the water supply.

August 28th, 2008, 09:01 PM
I thought about switching but at this point, our biggest priority is what to feed them and their medical care, not their poop. I use clay litter and throw it away in a grocery bag as well.

In the future I'm probably going to get the World Best Cat litter or feline pine.

Yesterdays news is supposed to be environmentally friendly but my cats HATE it. I got a free bag of it from when Tripod had his leg amputated and everyone thought it was for them to sleep in :rolleyes:

August 29th, 2008, 08:05 AM
This is an awesome post! I'm glad that more pet owners are interested in greening this aspect of their lives too!!

We have used FelinePine as well, flushing, and love it too. As kanis mentioned, there is NO ammonia smell. The pine neutralizes it. Its really fantastic. Still, pine is a slow-growing tree and though it is much better than the clay/plastic bag method, its still not as green as I'd like to be. Yesterday's News newspaper pellets are not as good, but they don't come in a plastic bag and they are a re-used resource. They're worth a try, and WAY greener than clay (or pine) but certainly an inferior product to Feline Pine. I have a other few suggestions:

Firstly, definitely stop using plastic bags! :lightbulb: Anywhere. Once you go big, sturdy, versatile, washable canvas bags, you'll never go back. The Paper or Plastic? Reusable Shopping Bag from StayVocal ( one of my favorites! :lovestruck: It easily holds 50lb, has a nice wide strap, fits perfectly over the shoulder, is deep and holds PLENTY of groceries/books/anything. They also have recycled cotton, organic, and OVERSIZE versions. Awesome! I recommend buying a set of 5 bags for $25. I know that if you do and use them, you will be really thankful that you did!

Secondly, BioBag makes biodegradable plastic-like bags ( which I used to use for my compost. You could replace your plastic bags with their "Food Waste" bags to help you get from litter box to dump truck with minimal smell, mess, or contamination. They also make kitty litter box liners ( which work well with the FelinePine. We scoop and flush the solid waste. And then when the pellets all become sawdust, we tie up the disposable bag and put it in the garbage bin. FreshKitty also makes a version available at Petco or on their website. ( BioBag, of course, started it when it was the RIGHT thing to do not when it was the COOL thing to do like FreshKitty so, I recommend starting there.

Finally, we are about to begin toilet training a cat. This option is not for everyone-- some cats won't do it and some cat owners don't agree with it. We are going to try it for cleanliness, for the environment (resource-saving and waste disposal, for convenience, for money-saving. We chose the Litter Kwitter system ( because it is RE-USABLE and I can pass it on to someone else when we're done. This is unlike almost every other toilet training system systems which are all use once, throw away. I bought mine re-used on Craigslist. I had to actually google "litter kwitter craigslist" and work from there to find someone across the country who would ship it to me. Yes, this is actually more green than driving to the store. Those delivery trucks and planes are already coming my way. And if we're successful, I can just pass it along to a friend.

If I can go from SOME waste to NO waste (except for water treatment) this way, I will be thrilled!! :fingerscr