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Poodle eating habits

July 16th, 2004, 01:05 AM
Has anyone else heard that poodles have unusual eating habits? I once heard that they have a tendency to eat a lot and then starve themselves a bit, and that it's okay to let a poodle have access to their food all the time. Does anyone know if this is true? And if it is true, is it okay for me to only feed my 3-month toy poodle 3 times a day? Sometimes he really isn't interested in the food and other times he'll eat all of it and look for more (and since he's still recovering from a cough, I let him have more when he wants it)/

July 17th, 2004, 09:38 PM
Sorry for the late reply. I always go to the "new posts" but I'm finding there are sometimes ones that I didn't see before, like this one. :o

I've had 3 toy poodles and now, a miniature, over the last 38 years. All were "nibblers". Only now, we also give a small feeding of canned food to our miniature. That's because our cat gets canned food at regular feedings and Den-Den gets pushed out of shape if he doesn't get some too. (but not catfood!)

They all thrived and always maintained a good weight, never overweight or under. They liked to play with their food a lot too. Jumping at it and barking. Fun to watch! And yes, some days they would barely pick at it and other days, eat a lot.

Poodles tend to have some tarter problems on their teeth when they age and I feel this helped in that area.

However, a puppy has special needs. Yours is just getting over a cough and is still really young. I would discuss this with your vet and follow what he recommends. Wait til he's fully recovered and more fully developed before trying something different. Keep in mind that the brand of food that your vet recommends may not be the best. There are several threads that have dealt with this and we have some real experts on food on this board.