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Will Keely be okay??

August 18th, 2008, 08:12 AM
Okay so, I just saw a shrew run across the family room floor and i am freaking out, Not because its a shrew and its gross, but because im afraid my 16 wk old puppy will get sick because of it. She has some needles[Distemper, hepatitis(CAV-2) , parainfluenza, parvovirus(twiice), coronavirus. Im not sure what these protect against, so i dont know if she'll catch anything from the stupid shrew] Shes not vaccinated for rabies,leptospirosis,, bordetella or lyme(shes getting rabies next week and the others early sept.) Should i be worried? Will she get rabies from a shrew if it bites her? Fleas? Something else??????? :sad: im very worried ..

BTW- My parents are gone to buy a humane trap to catch it, but it may take a long time to catch it (shrews are pretty darn smart eh)

August 18th, 2008, 08:37 AM
well as long as they dont come in contact i dont see there being a problem. Just make sure that puppy is never alone in a place where the shrew could be..

August 18th, 2008, 08:49 AM
Are you absolutely sure it's a shrew and not a deer mouse or a vole? In North America, there is a short-tailed shrew that is mildly poisonous (the only poisonous mammal in NA) that might pose a danger to Keely since she's so small. However, even if these are common in your area, if you keep an eye on Keely you'll be able to prevent any bites. Shews have a really harsh battle cry and sometimes they'll give it when they get trapped, so watch for hunting behavior from your little one and keep your ears open.

However, having said that, if it's a shrew I wouldn't be too quick to trap it. Shrews have to eat a prodigious amount of food to stay alive and it's a predator. That means that if it is in your house, it has found a food supply--probably mice. The longer it's in your house, the more mice it will eat. This is a good thing, because mice are common sources for things like lepto. Once the shrew gets rid of whatever it's eating, it will have to move on. Without enough prey to eat, it's forced to move on or it will starve in a day. :shrug:

If it's a vole, house mouse or deer mouse, the traps are a good idea, though--Keely could certainly contract lepto from rodents. Rabies is not likely in something that small, although it is possible. Usually, however, anything that small getting bitten by a rabid animal would die, and so not become rabid itself. (Again, not a guarantee, but the odds are long that it might be rabid.) Bordatella is not an issue--that's usually passed dog-to-dog. And unless the shrew/mouse drops an infected tick, Lyme's is not an issue, either.

Good luck with whatever it is. :D I wish I could get our shews in the house--we're currently tracking down a wily deermouse trying to set up housekeeping in the attic and could use some help. :o