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Socializing doggies

August 14th, 2008, 07:37 PM
Anybody have any tips for socializing an almost 2 year old dog? When Tommy was a puppy we did everything we could - taking him to as many places as we could, introducing new people and doggies, tons and tons of classes - but he was always terrified, even with the doggies that were in his class for almost a year. We didn't know it was because of his illness. Now that he's feeling better, he's way more confident and outgoing when we take him places and he's actually really curious about his surroundings.

I've started trying to take him someplace new 1-2 times a week to socialize him all over again, keeping it to places that won't overwhelm him. Should I just treat him like a puppy all over again? Should I go really slowly, just a place a week, or as many places as I can the same way I would normally do it with a younger pup? I try to be careful, and if he gets a bit frightened of something new and hides behind me I pay no attention and just keep on with whatever I was doing until he gets brave enough to explore again.

Are there any special tips or tricks to socializing a dog who isn't a puppy anymore? Or should I just go by what he seems to be able to handle? I worry I'm overdoing it... but I'm probably just still treating him like the little sick, frightened fuzzbutt that he used to be, it's hard to realize he's pretty much a normal dog now:o:lovestruck:.

August 14th, 2008, 07:42 PM
You sound like you're on the right track so far..Do any of your friends have dogs. i would think the calmer the dog the easier it will be.I know elizabeth ann lives in burlington with her two little ones. I would offer one of mine but i have bouncy puppy, crusty old man, and quincy who size wise might scare tommy. Do you know any of the forum members outside of the forum where you could meet up with them. Winston would probably be a great one if she's close to you. If not, try walking him in parks with other dogs, but not right up to the other doggies, let him get used to their existance and see how he is from there.