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Big scary BumbleBee!

July 14th, 2004, 06:53 AM
Yesterday while we were out with the cats,Vinnie started chasing this bumble-bee under my deck.To our surprise the chase became reversed,the bee was attacking Vinnie,kept coming back at him :D Now,Rocky had to check out what all the excitment was about,but quickly runs out from under the deck with the bee after him,hissing and spitting,Rocky remembered other encounters with bees :D
I've never seen a bumble-bee go after and attacking the cats,the way this one did,he was like a small bomber,trying to scare them away and he won.

Cactus Flower
July 14th, 2004, 11:56 AM
LOL sorry, have to laugh. I'm sure it was scary for them, though.
Reminds me of that commercial where the guy swats a fly, and the fly turns around and kicks his butt!
By your post I'll assume nobody got stung, and that is good news!

Gotta admire the mojo of ALL the critters involved in this scenario!

Lucky Rescue
July 14th, 2004, 12:11 PM
My cat got the surprise of his life last week. I heard a loud screeching, and ran out to see my cat stalking a young robin who was on the ground.

I took off after the cat, the cat took off and parent robins took off after him. Around and around the house we went, with those birds dive bombing my cat. The look on his face was priceless, like "What happened???"

I'm sure the neighbours found this very entertaining. :p

July 14th, 2004, 12:50 PM
Cactusflower,Don't be sorry,we laughed our heads off,my big tabby hissing and spitting,with his tail between his legs at a tiny bumble-bee...
Vinnie did get stung and was very upset,but no harm done :D
Lucky,Vinnie caught a Blue-Jay one day and like you I ran around and around the pool,hose in hand,soaking Vinnie to let go of the Jay,he finally did and he flew off(the Jay!),then I had console a very wet,confused kitty,looking at me as if saying"What did you do that for" :D
It was not a nice thing to do,I know,but I cannot watch and listen to a bird being hurt...usually I make sure they cannot catch a bird,I keep them away from the bird-feeder...

Lucky Rescue
July 14th, 2004, 01:28 PM
I cannot watch and listen to a bird being hurt.

Me either! Or a mouse, or mole, or snake or anything else! I just wish I had put my shoes on first. My property is natural woods and there are many blackberry canes around. OUCH!:(

July 14th, 2004, 03:31 PM
I wish I had natural woods around,must be nice!!We have to todays standards a big backyard I think 80x175,with a couple of big trees,garden etc...but I would love to live in the woods :D Vinnie,if he catches a mouse(cute little guys)will kill it instantly and spends the rest of the day wondering why the mouse does not move :D Rocky and Chico are too blase to catch a mouse in the shed,unless it comes right under their noses.
I say to hubby,to leave the mice alone,at least they are not in the house.But the little buggars build their nest in snow-blower,lawnmower and anything else we have in the shed,and hubby has to fix it every year and sometimes replace things. But they are cute.....I found a whole family under some brush,little pink babies and mom,but I didn't tell hubby,I left the brush where it was,for the mice to live happily ever after :D
I am actually a really,really big suck!!!

July 14th, 2004, 05:45 PM
Wow Anita you have a very large yard. Mine is about the same length but more narrow then yours!