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Irie got adopted

August 13th, 2008, 09:38 AM
Benjamin is a volunteer dog-walker at the Montreal SPCA.

The first part of the post is from Marie Claude (the dog-walking program co-ordinator - who is well on her way to sainthood ;) )

The second part is from Benjamin himself.
LOVE happy stories - here goes;

Hello Team!!!

Ok, who doesn´t love adoption stories?!?
Personally, one of my favorite kinds of adoption is when a volunteer from our Team adopts one of our dogs. We walk them week after week, we bond, we fall in love. That is what happened to our Benjamin.

He fell in love with our no name brindled Pitt Bull, tag number 992 (he was in cage 17) and last week, he took him home.

Benjamin shares his love story with our boy, now Irie, below. Picture in attachment.

Some of you may need a tissue for this one. I did!!!


Hi Marie-Claude,

I hope you're doing well. We are still as ecstatic as ever with Irie (formerly 992:). We called him Irie-that's Jamaican for all is very cool! He's always happy, very chill and extremely intelligent.

I really didn't' expect to adopt another dog but he stole my heart. Ever since my first walk with him, I was surprised by how alert and attentive he was, not to mention that he might be the most affectionate dog I've ever met. When I'd come back from my SPCA dog walking, I couldn't stop talking about him and last week, I wanted to show my girlfriend just how amazing he was. She came without thinking she'd like him too much (because of the negative pit stereotype), but in no time, he won her over. After talking about it over lunch, I came back to the SPCA and the staff was incredible. They let me bring him to my apt so that I could see how he'd interact with my other dog (Timber), my cat, and my landlord. He passed every test with flying colors. He didn't try to jump/hump Timber, he just sniffed her and followed her around; until he saw my cat (Mango), and then he did the same thing to him. He followed him around and gently sniffed him and then went back to trying to hug and kiss us. We knew we had a special dog here and decided to bring him for the last test: our landlord. Once again he was a gentleman (albeit an exited one) but despite his lack of formal training it was clear to all that he had unlimited potential and we knew he had to be in our lives.

He's been very good (apart from some little accidents, but he's quickly getting better) and he's very happy in our apt and in the forest. We live across the street from summit circle (Mount Royal forest) and he runs off leash with Timber and he's already coming back as soon as I whistle for him. He's starting to understand how to fetch sticks and despite his mild case of kennel cough, he's as affectionate and enthusiastic as ever.

I can't thank the staff at the SPCA enough and please convey a special thanks Alanna and the ladies that took care of the paper work (sorry don't remember their names right now but they were great). We are looking forward to many, many happy years with this little sweetheart. I've attached a couple of pics but if you like, I'll gladly send you more.

Best regards,


August 13th, 2008, 09:41 AM
Awww I love a happy adoption stories :lovestruck:. Thanks for sharing Marko.

August 13th, 2008, 10:47 AM
How sweet! I wish all stories ended so happily. :cloud9: