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VA Dog Lover Looking For Advice

August 12th, 2008, 06:49 AM
Hi All,

I've got a 12 year old Jack Russell who just started developing problems with leg twitching and stumbling. He has been a wonderful active playful dog very smart but now he has slowed down and having trouble getting around. His leg starts scratching all of sudden causing him to stop and sit until it stops. He has been biting on his legs especially on the knees. It is sad to see him turning into the old man when he could have easily outrun everyone 3 months ago. I've tried giving him glucosamine chondrotin tablets per the vet over the last year but stopped when the condition worsened this past month. I'm giving baby aspirin so he can sleep and hope that helps any pain. He is so sweet tempered he doesn't complain or whine and hard to tell if it does hurt him. To aggravate this situation, we adopted a 5-month old dauschaund in March. The female puppy learned her way around the house easily with the older dog's guidance. Now she wants to jump and play with him like before and he can't cope. I end up holding poor Stanley till he calms down and goes to sleep. I've read up on a condition affecting the muscles called ATAXIA. Some of the symptoms are similar but not all. Looking for some advice and or answers to this problems. Stanley needs some help in his golden years.

Thanks fo any responses.