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chicken pot pie
August 10th, 2008, 04:35 AM
sorry guys was in quebec for an emergency and got back last night, have not slept yet as the kids are all over me and I left in such a rush that I never got to say goodbye , big time pouting going on here!! but I stopped at the spca in montreal on the way up and lodged a complaint, I have two friends who worked there for years and so i know a couple of people. I explained to them that I dont want these ads shut down, rather I would prefer they keep posting there crap and then they will be easier to find, they are aware of this place in rawdon and have known about it for some time so were not the only ones who have made complaints. Due to the over log (moving day) plus the shut down of the spca in laval they are swamped , but promised to keep an eye out, Maybe i should answer these adds and then be able to get an address or a meet , then call the cops!! sorry to have laid all this on you but I was sick to my stomach!!! and its heartbreaking when your hands are tied, maybe going outside the law is a better idea in these situations!! thanks for all your input!! frenchy im coming and it wont be long!!!!